Tips on choosing the apartment of your dreams

Maybe, you’ve transitioned from a college dorm to your very first apartment or you are moving to a new city and looking for the perfect place to suit your needs. Choosing an apartment can be just as tough as finding a home. Although, it may be a temporary living situation you still want to feel comfortable, safe, and happy in your apartment. 

Currently on the search? We’re here to provide you a few tips and things to look out for on your apartment search!

Perfect Location

Location typically comes first on your list. Whether you’re hoping to be near your job, school, or family, make sure your soon-to-be space is a short drive away. If you do not drive make sure that your apartment is near public transportation or a short enough to walk to your destination. Also, take into consideration your proximity to grocery stores, the freeway, and public parks. Lastly, we recommend thinking about your hobbies and what is important to you. Are you an avid hiker? Maybe you like to surf? How about dancing? For instance, if you like to hike you may want to choose an apartment that isn’t too far from some trails you can walk on!


Apartment complexes are different from homes because they aren’t usually big enough to fit all the things you want– meaning you’re likely to need amenities. Some common amenities include: parking space, a gym, swimming pool, and laundry room. Thankfully, apartments like flagler village apartments offer all these amenities and more! It can be helpful to make a list of things you can’t live without and things you can settle on. Is parallel parking in your neighborhood your worst nightmare? Then, you may want to make parking first on your list! Make sure you get information on building costs, pet fees, and utilities as well. 

Find your Ideal Layout

Depending on the size and build of the apartment, layouts can be completely different. Even in the same apartment complex, layouts can be individually different. Some may include office space, while others offer large bedrooms and patio areas. 

If you work from home you won’t want to settle for an apartment that doesn’t have office space. If you enjoy entertaining, then an open floor plan with a large kitchen may be more important to you. 

Friendly and Safe Neighborhood

Well, the apartment looks spectacular, but you can’t imagine walking to your car alone at night. This is a big factor to consider when searching for an apartment. Feeling comfortable in your living space is ideal. Additionally, if you have children you will want them to feel safe playing outside. Depending on your age and preferences, you may yearn for a quiet neighborhood where no one gets too routy. On the other hand, you may have just moved to a new city and are looking to meet neighbors! These are great questions to ask the landlord when you are touring the apartment complex. 

Can you afford it?

This is a big one. Before you sign the lease, calculate how the rent payments would fit into your monthly expenses. The perfect apartment does exist, but just make sure you can afford it! The last thing you want is to feel stressed out trying to make each month’s rent. It is helpful to have a budget in your mind ahead of time, and don’t budge on it. If you live alone, it is not a bad idea to add a roommate into the mix to help you pay for rent. 

Move Quickly 

Just like that black friday deal, people know a good apartment when they see one. That’s why it is important to move quickly after finding a place you like. Fill in the application materials as fast as you can and let the landlord know how interested you are. Before you begin your apartment search, it’s a great idea to have your things organized and ready to move. Get those boxes ready!

Read the Rental Agreement 

You’ll want to read the lease and ensure that you’re comfortable with it. That means checking how management handles the security deposit, insurance, and late fees. This is your chance to ask questions before the lease is signed. 

The task of choosing an apartment can seem daunting and intimidating but it will feel easier if you break it up into steps! Happy searching!