6 Common Shed Building Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Experts have estimated that the outdoor shed market will grow to $9,615.28 million by 2028. With such a large number, it’s clear that many people are learning the benefit of having all the supplies for their outdoor activities in one place.

You may have learned about this benefit and/or others. As such, you may want to buy shed building equipment and build a shed of your own. If so, you should want to avoid common shed building mistakes.

To learn how to do this with six common mistakes, read on.

1. Not Using a Custom Shed Design

One of the main problems with shed kits is that you may find yourself with limited options. If none of these options satisfy you, you may try to create your shed from scratch. However, you may find that none of the blueprints available online are any good.

Getting a custom shed design can solve both of these problems. View this page on work sheds to learn more.

2. Choosing a High-Maintenance Exterior Material

Different shed materials have different levels of durability. Materials like solid wood might look nice. However, they’re not a good option as they’ll deteriorate quickly.

For a longer-lasting option, choose vinyl or T1-11 siding material.

3. Placing the Shed in the Wrong Place

When it comes to shed space requirements, there are a lot of rules to follow. Make sure that you don’t plan on building your shed above a utility line. You may end up hitting it and causing issues as you build your shed’s foundation.

In addition, check with your local area’s building requirements. You may be required to put your shed a certain distance from your home and/or property lines.

4. Using Untreated Wood for the Foundation

Your shed building budget may not allow you to buy pressure-treated wood or other stronger materials for your foundation. However, untreated wood will rot quickly on the ground, and you may need to build a new shed. It’s more cost-effective to choose a stronger material the first time.

5. Not Having Good Ventilation

A vent or a cupola is an important addition to your shed. Without one, mold and fungi can easily grow and damage equipment. In addition, the fumes from paint and other chemicals you may store in your shed can build up to toxic levels.

6. Forgetting to Install Electricity

Electricity may not be the most important thing in your shed. However, you’ll find it’s a lot more convenient to have. You can use the electricity to power up your tools and use lights to find all your stuff.

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As a final tip, make sure that you carefully plan and research every aspect of your shed. As you will probably have your shed for a long time, you’re going to want to be happy with it.

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