6 Type Footwear That Can Protect Your Feet From Injuries On Any Construction Site

According to Safe Work Australia, the Australian construction industry is the third most deadly, with around twice the average fatality rate and is ranked fifth for causing severe injury. A construction site could be full of potential hazards because of heights, heavy machinery, large equipment, sharp objects and much more. 

When talking about construction site safety gear- protective footwear is essential to ensure safe and healthy feet? Did you know 9% of all construction injuries are ankle & lower leg injuries? All construction workers must have access to the best quality foot protection gear sourced from reliable sellers like Workwear Hub. So, here is a list of 6 types of footwear that can protect your feet from injuries on any construction site:

1. Metatarsal Shoes:

Ideal for keeping you safe at construction sites, these shoes are special safety shoes to guard the topmost part of the foot and bones. Metatarsal shoes are mainly designed and created to protect the metatarsal bones. These are the five long bones on the top, and they are the most vulnerable part of the foot. Wearing these shoes could reduce the chances of damage from falling and dropping of heavy equipment. These shoes have internal as well as external safety features to deal with drop hazards.

2. Steel insole shoes:

Shoes equipped with steel inserts are ideal for those construction site workers who drive trucks and operate cranes and other material moving equipment. Steel insole shoes are great for keeping the foot protected from common joint problems. As the terrain is uneven at construction sites, a balanced foot plays an important, here is where the steel insole equipped shoes are great to keep the foot stabilized. As these shoes do not let your feet shift and move around too much, your joint and bones stay intact. These shoes also reduce the chances of sprains. 

3. Footwear with metal instep:

A construction site could be potential ground for outward injuries and accidents because of harmful, sharp and pointy objects such as nails, glass pieces, and other metal objects that can go unnoticed. Metal instep shoes are especially helpful in safeguarding the feet from severe wounds and punctures. The metal insteps prevent these acute objects from penetrating to the feet.

4. Waterproof boots:

Construction sites deal with jobs such as digging and material mixing in a moist and muddy environment. In such circumstances, wet feet could not only be annoying but a safety hazard too. Wet footwears could lead to trips, falls, and undue slips that could lead to serious injuries. Besides this, damp feet could lead to critical skin issues. Good quality waterproof boots keep the feet dry, safe, and comfortable while protecting the feet from water, oil, chemicals, and gases.

5. Steel toe boots:

The steel toe safety boots are the most popular type of feet safety gear used in almost all industries. Working at a construction site exposes the workers to dangers of foot trapping, stabbing and dropping objects, to name a few. The special covering around the toe area that is capped with steel protects the toe against such dangers. 

6. Electric shock resistant boots: 

Construction sites today have a lot of hazardous electrical equipment around. Many construction workers are directly or indirectly involved with electricity, circuits, wiring, and high voltage machines and devices. All such situations call for specialty footwear that could insulate your feet and protect you from electric shocks. 

The Australian construction industry currently employs 1.1 million workers who are always surrounded by dangers and are prone to serious injuries while performing their duties at construction sites. Hence, according to the nature of job and expertise, all construction workers must wear quality protective gear.