10 Torque And Its Tightening Tools That Are Used In Your Daily Life

Torque and tightening tools are things that everyone uses all the time, and you may not realize it. There are some obvious ones that you see in everyone’s toolboxes. Then there are the not so obvious ones that people overlook all the time because they do not look like usual tools at all.

Here are ten examples of torque and tightening tools that you use in everyday life. A good thing to do is visit website to see where you can get and use the tools on the list. 

1. Screwdriver:

This one may seem obvious, but it is the most common one. Everyone has used a screwdriver in their life at one point or another. They come in all shapes and sizes. They have two types of heads; one is a flat head, and the other is called a Philips’s head. They are both used in the same way to tighten and loosen screws. They can also be used for things like removing staples as well.

2. Torque Wrenches:

This is another one that people think of when talking about tools that tighten or torque. The most common types of torque wrenches that are seen are called click or beam torque wrenches. A beam torque wrench shows a display of what the torque strength is. A click one allows you to set the torque to a specific amount and in one click tighten to that value.

3. Ratchet Sets: 

Then, there are the ratchets. People use them all the time to remove things like bolts from a bed or car. They are convenient in the fact that they come in all shapes and sizes, and they aid in tightening by allowing you to hold them in a way that is not detrimental to your hand.

4. Adjustable wrenches:

These work well when you do not have access to things like torque wrenches or ratchet sets. They are flexible so that if you do not have a ton of wrenches that will not matter. It can make it bigger or smaller depending on the size that you need for the job that needs to be done at the time.

5. Combination wrenches:

These have two sides to the tool. One side is open-ended, and the other is closed-ended, but they are both still wrenches. These are often referred to as the beginner’s wrenches for people just starting out working with things like this. Use the open end for speedy jobs and the closed-end for ones where you need to minimize damage.

6. Breaker Bar: 

This is something that not many people are going to know about because they are most often used in tire shops. Breaker bars are great for torquing lug nuts when they are stuck in place. What you do is take a socket, attached it to the lug nut and use it to get more leverage in a tough situation.

7. Swivel Ratchets: 

They can go from a 90-degree angle to a 0-degree angle with ease. These are awesome because when it is in a 0 degree to quickly start or remove something. Then when you are in a 90 degree for finishing off the tightening of the bolts or even to loosen them up.

8. Impact Drivers:

Everyone does not know these because once again they are used mostly in shops to help with things like tires. They are quick, effective and do wonders when it comes to things like quick tire changes.

9. Electric Screwdrivers: 

These are just as common as regular screwdrivers except for the fact that they get jobs done at a faster rate.

10. Allen wrenches: 

These types of wrenches are something that is not usually looked at as something used all the time. They are used for specific types of screw-on things like bunk beds to both tighten and loosen screws that a regular screwdriver cannot.

Pearl M. Kasirye is a writer at Kemistri.co, editor, and researcher who spends most of her time reading. When she isn’t reading or working, she can be found sitting on her balcony writing her own novels or traveling.