Increase the Standard of Your Students with Online Assessments

Online assessments on an education platform provide a systematic process of documentation about the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviour of students. Teachers who take up online assessments constantly strive to improve their teaching and enhance student learning. Introducing online assessments at the beginning of your lecture provides an overview of the nature of your students and an opportunity to improve your teaching instructions systematically.

What kind of assessments can you create for your students?

  • Pre-assessments: 
    This assessment sets the start of a new subject. Setting some multiple category assessments, in the beginning, can help a teacher to help to identify students’ learning styles. Some students are quick learners with visual images, while some may be good as auditory learners. Such initiatives are suitable for a pre-requisite subject.

  • Formative assessments:
    During the course to determine if a student understands the instruction offered, formative assessments can be introduced.

  • Summative assessments:
    The assessment aids teachers to improve their training process, based on the positive changes in students’ learning.

Marking online assessments

Most of the online assessments are scored by machine featuring multiple-choice questions, and even specific tasks require students to use their analytical brains to answer those questions. These assessments are used to assess a student’s calibre against learning progressions in reading, mathematics, and science.

These exams do not check the quality of students’ handwriting, thus maintaining its marking standards. Specific improvements have been initiated to introduce machine marking as it dramatically reduces the time and costs of marking and offers immediate feedback to teachers. One can rely on online learning platforms like Janison to assess student capability based on their descriptive, narrative, and persuasive writing in a practical and highly effective manner.

How Online Assessments Improve Learning?

By using online assessments, students get second chances to improve their shortcomings. Large-scale assessments are specially designed to rank-order schools and students for accountability. These assessments are best suited to guide improvements in student learning and help the teachers to administer their learning patterns regularly in the classrooms.

The education process needs the introduction of new concepts, skills, and instructional activities. Therefore, for students, these online assessments are fair measures for learning goals. Even teachers can demonstrate success by improving their instruction and helping students to learn effectively.

These online assessments offer a useful medium for teachers in improving their teaching methods and modifying their approach as per the needs of the students. In some situation, when the results that teachers receive doesn’t provide the detail needed, then there is less scope for any improvements. With online assessments, teachers can produce immediate and satisfactory results for all kinds of students.

Advantages of online assessments

  • Assessments take up less time.
  • These online assessments get over within a specific period without the need for specialized personnel
  • Can take the assessment at home, using their own devices.
  • The results and answers are received instantly.
  • Get immediate feedback on teaching methods and approach
  • Learn more about the users and adapt the teaching pattern to reflect their learning needs.
  • Improve the quality of assessments in the class
  • Align assessments with valued learning goals based on different education standards.

How to adopt the change?

Teachers need to understand and value the essence and importance of online assessments. These online assessments can help teachers to process the feedback as well as the performance of the students objectively.

Teachers will get valuable feedback on their teaching standards and thus sort out student’s learning problems. These assessments will prove to be handy to pay special attention to the trouble spots by setting aside some dominant ego issues. This change will help students to increase their standard of learning.