How To Add More Color To Your Home

Redecorating the home is something that most people want to do but any such project is major. Most people do not actually afford complete makeovers. Fortunately, the fact that you do not have a large budget does not mean that you cannot make wonderful design changes. One of the great ways to increase appeal and make everything look better is to play with color.

Gary Friedman, Restoration Hardware Co-CEO, highlights that colors are vital in our life and that you can always make everything a lot better if you just add some color. However, this should be done right. Here are some suggestions to add more color to the home in a proper way.

Give Walls Life

If you want the space to get a really positive aura, you want to add some vibrancy. A trendy way in which you would do this is to focus on a wall and give it a really complete transformation. The rest can be kept in much simpler tones.

As an example, you can add beautiful floral patterns to the walls in a room and create a new wonderful focal point. Go bold and use a theme based on contrasting color or just add subtle colors. This is all about personal preference.

Give Nooks A Splash Of Color

The resting or reading sessions are going to be much more relaxing when you add some color. In such places attention is easily caught so you want to be sure that you choose an appropriate color. However, if this is achieved, the entire area looks more beautiful.

Use Cushions And Pillows For Extra Color

One of the easiest ways in which you can create a highly appealing setting and get some extra color added to interior design is to strategically add some cushions and pillows on a chair or on your sofa. You can always go for floral patterned cushions that are multi-colored or pillows that entice with vibrancy.

When you add pillows and cushions everything becomes more comfortable. Just be sure that you choose appropriate fabrics based on season. As an example, if it is spring, you want to consider cotton or linen since this fabric allows breathing.

Add Color Through Nature

Flowers and natural plants are a wonderful way to add some color to your décor. If it is spring, you can always consider some seasonal flowers like bluebells, daffodils and tulips. As some nature is added to your décor you end up with an infusion of color that is rewarding on so many different levels.

Don’t Forget About Your Floor

The floor is one area of your home that you often forget about when you want to add colors. You can so easily find many different designer and modern rugs that feature amazing colors and that manage to easily fill in the space. Another thing that should be mentioned is that when you use these rugs you do not just get colors added to the room. Choose out of a really impressive range of patterns and designs that are going to be a true x-factor for the entire room.