How To Clean Exterior Wood Doors

As a homeowner, investing in wood exterior doors is a great moment since appearance is wonderful. Exterior doors though can easily gather dirt and grime. This would make appearance the exact opposite of what was initially the case during installation. Fortunately, it is not that difficult to clean exterior wood doors. Actually, in most cases all that is actually needed is some elbow grease and the proper knowledge to get the job done right.

Keep in mind that whenever you feel overwhelmed by the project, it is better co contact some experienced contractors, like Community Builders Tulsa. If you want to perform the job alone, here are some important recommendations to consider right now.

Gather Cleaning Supplies

Think about the door type and how much grime and dirt you have to remove. For cleaning and preparation you do not need many supplies but they are still needed. As you are getting the door ready for cleaning, you may need a vacuum, a brush attachment, paper towels, feather dusters, a paintbrush, a broom or/and a step-ladder.

As you want to actually clean the wood door, you need any or all of the following: commercial wood cleaners, homemade cleaning solutions, glass cleaners, soft sponges and soft rags. You will also need some commercial metal cleaner in the event the wooden door has some sort of metal fixture. Oil is also a really good idea for your hinges.

Preparing The Door For Cleaning

Before the exterior wooden doors can be cleaned, you have to eliminate all the dirt and the dust that accumulated in time. Open your door and always start with the top frame. The vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment is all you often need. Dust everything with rags where you cannot reach with the vacuum cleaner. Be sure that you dust your entire frame and even the door. Take the time you have to inspect for possible damage and strains. If there are cracks, use a paintbrush to clean them.

Eliminating Grime

A rag or a soft sponge can be used to apply wood cleaner. Be sure that you choose something that goes with door grain. As before, start from the top and move towards the bottom. It is really important that you are gentle and that you do not scrub with too much force. When you do this you end up with finish or paint that is removed from the door. When you are done, use another soft rag to eliminate remaining water or cleaner.

If you have to clean some windows, always look for drips. They need to be removed as fast as possible since they can stain the door. You end up with something that is not as pleasant-looking as you wanted. When there are metal fixtures present, be sure that you do not use too much force during scrubbing.


As you can see, cleaning wooden doors is not at all difficult but it does require attention and patience. Be sure that you do not hurry the process and that you allow yourself the time needed for proper results.