George Ammar discusses the top reasons to be CPA qualified

George Ammar is an Ohio Chief Financial Officer located in Cleveland, Ohio. He is the Founder and Owner of Ohio CFO LLC and is CPA certified. George starts his day nice and early each morning and does some form of exercise often a run. He believes that getting up early, ceasing the day and keeping yourself fit and healthy are keys to success in all forms of life, including success in the world of commerce. He leads a very healthy lifestyle and is a keen advocate of all types of fitness and is always interested in following the latest finds and trends in foods that are good for our bodies and our minds.

The first positive reason to become CPA qualified is that it will give you the prestige and respect of those in the field and those who may want you to work for them. It will open many doors and it is an indication of your intelligence level. George S Ammar who is fully CPA qualified adds that it sets you out as an elite professional and a specialist in your field of work. It is a very coveted and high qualification that

A CPA licence will set you up for great career potential employers will recognise your dedication to your field and they may also decide that your dedication and attention to detail and learning abilities will set you up for a leadership and management positions like those previously held by George Ammar. He confirms that it isn’t easy and you will definitely need a little resilience, but he recommends that you stick in there and it will al be worthwhile.

There is a distinct lack of CPA qualified individuals in Cleveland, Ohio and in fact the whole of the US. This is to do with a dip of students in the field in previous years and is also connected to demographics and the drop of students at various years.

Qualified CPA’s are generally very happy in their work, they are using their talents and skills and the job can be very varied as it can also incorporate business management and information technology. You can go into many different types of employment all of which are very secure. These can include

public accounting, working in non-profit industry or even run your own business, like George S Ammar of Cleveland Ohio., How great would it be to see your own name and business in the yell directory.

The Department of labor and statistics predicts that the necessity for CPA qualified staff will increase rapidly as a consequence of this, they also believe that salaries will increase much higher than the National average and qualified professionals will get their pick of the job market.

If you are working for a global organization especially if you speak other languages or have strong connections with other Countries, then you may also find yourself travelling the world whilst working for a global organization.