Save The Environment And Your Wallet With These Ideas

Being eco-conscious is no longer a niche trend. It’s widely recognized that reducing our waste, resource usage, and avoiding certain materials is not only a smart and ethical choice, but it can actually save money in many cases. The following is a list of ways you can reduce your negative impact on the environment at home and through your consumer choices.

LED light bulbs are the best choice for energy savings. The price tag on these has dropped dramatically since their introduction, and you can’t beat their lifespan of 13 years (if you use them 10 hrs a day)!

Hang your clothes to dry and install an energy-efficient washer/dryer. It takes no energy to use a dry rack or clothes lines on a sunny day, and a steam-powered washing machine cleans your textiles better while using less water and less energy to run.

Have a clothing swap and buy vintage fashions at your local thrift store. Trade clothes with your friends, make a fun night of it, and check out the Goodwill down the street for some rare and unique finds for way less money than new.

Set your bills and correspondence to paperless – and help prevent identity theft while you’re at it!

Install a low-flow toilet and other energy efficient fixtures and appliances. Save extra by calling in who can install and upgrade for less money and do so expertly, so you won’t need to pay more for a plumbing emergency down-the-road! Use cold water for your washes.

Speaking of plumbing, don’t use toxic drain cleaners to unclog your kitchen sink. Call in a plumber to fix the source of the problem, get things running smoothly for longer, and use boiling water and baking soda/vinegar to maintain your clean slate.

Turn down your water heater’s temperature. You don’t need scalding water for your shower, so why does it need to get that hot in the first place?

Drink from reusable containers like lightweight, stainless steel water bottles, for on-the-go, and take your thermos or mug with you to the café to have your coffee or tea poured into it. Bring your lunch to work in a cute lunch bag or box and put fresh food in Tupperware. Bring cloth bags and totes for your groceries and other shopping needs.

Use your dishwasher’s timer to do dishes in the middle of the night when it’s cheaper to run, and make sure it’s completely full. Have your local plumbers install an energy efficient dishwasher to save water, energy, and money.

Dispose of old electronics by hiring a data destruction company who will recycle the materials and reduce e-waste.

Hire a plumber to fix your leaky pipes – which can help save more than just water if you have constant dripping in the wrong places!

Start a vegetable garden or access a community garden to reduce the transportation for hauling groceries to the store. It’s also a cheaper alternative to have your own fresh veggies and fruit right there.

There are many more ways to be an eco-lover right in your home. Extend the savings to your wallet by using and buying less, too!