Applications for a Smartphone on Which to Safely Play Online

When it comes to smartphones, the technology which we have at our fingertips is simply incredible, and capable of truly amazing things. With this being said, the tech would be nothing without the huge range of applications we can download, to enhance our experience. For me personally, I love gaming on my phone, especially through an online casino like Casino Billions, where I can indulge in high quality games, and try and win some money whilst doing so. Playing online takes gaming on your phone to the next level, and here are some apps which you need to download, if you too love gaming. 

Boom Beach 

Strategy games work really well in terms of playing across the web, and they don’t get much better than Boom Beach. In this game you will have your own island base, which you must fortify and protect from oncoming attacks. The island will also be where you produce resources such as gold and gems, which can then be spent on further strengthening the base, or investing in your attacking options. Your island will be in a  world of enemy’s islands, and you can attack them if you think that you have the firepower and the infantry to take them out. This is a game which you will not want to put down. 

Appeak Poker 

There are quite literally hundreds of poker apps out there, but our favorite is Appeak Poker. This app has an incredibly simple interface which will suit all levels of players, and there are millions of people that use the app, giving you plenty of opponents. This is a just-for-fun game, so you will never be playing with your own money, instead using virtual money which is given free each day, and of course when you win a hand. This app also features some how-to guides, which explains the rules of the game to anyone who needs to brush up, or any first timers. 

8 Ball Pool 

Everyone loves the odd game of pool and with the 8 Ball Pool app, you can have hours upon hours of fun playing against people from all over the world. The app is super simple to play, using your finger to aim and take shots, plus you can work your way up through the leagues, playing people with the same level of your throughout. The game is very easy to use and you can either play 1-on-1 against random strangers and friends, or alternatively enter big money competitions where you can significantly change your fortunes. The app can be used both online and offline, but playing against people online, certainly offers the best experience.  

If you love nothing more than gaming, these are the best smartphone apps which you can safely play online, go ahead and have some fun!