Debunking the major myths about infertility


To say that infertility is a complex topic would be an understatement. The problem is, for most people at least, it’s also a topic which is grossly misunderstood.

Of course, with the industry becoming more advanced than ever before, this is almost acceptable. One only has to take a look at some of the advancements made by the likes of Kwang Yul Cha to see this in action – fertility is something which is moving at an alarming pace and fortunately, it’s opening a lot of doors.

However, to highlight some of the untruths that can be earthed by this topic, we’ve put together this page. We’ll now take a look through some of the biggest fertility myths that are branded around and highlight the real truth.

Myth #1 – It’s all in the mind

This is perhaps one of the biggest myths that is put out there. We’re in an era where a lot of problems are immediately deemed as psychological ones; in other words, if you change your way of thinking you can overcome a lot of issues. While this is most certainly the case for a lot of things, when it comes to infertility it’s seldom the case.

Unfortunately, in most circumstances, infertility is caused by a medical problem. A lot of people might claim that stress and worries are the cause of infertility and at times, this might be the case. Don’t be tricked into thinking that these are the primary causes though, in plenty of other instances the problem will be because of one of the partner’s reproductive system. Studies have shown that in most cases at least one partner has a problem with their reproductive organs when they are struggling to conceive, which tells its own story.

Myth #2 – The vast majority of fertility problems are due to the woman

On the subject of medical conditions within partners, the immediate assumption amongst a lot of people is that these issues only affect women.

For this myth we’re going to draw in another interesting study. In the US, it has been found that 35% of infertility cases are due to a male problem. The even more interesting part is that 35% of problems are also attributed to men, with the remaining 30% due to problems with both partners, or due to unknown causes.

It’s a problem which regularly affects either sex.

Myth #3 – If a couple perseveres, they will get pregnant eventually

The term practice makes perfect certainly isn’t true when it comes to conceiving, at least in those couples affected by infertility.

Again, let’s reiterate the fact that this tends to be a physical, medical problem. It’s one that needs attention before it is going to be resolved. There might be times where a couple falls slightly lucky, but in general the problem will need to be treated before any success is recorded. This is another reason why the advances in fertility have become more important than ever.