What Benefits Can Social Media Bring To Your Business?

I spend a great deal of time working with businesses and trying to help them to achieve the success that they are looking for. One thing that always surprises me when I do spend time with companies, is how few of them have unlocked the potential of social media and the benefits which it can have on your business on the whole. If you too have not yet realized just what the power of social media can do for your business, and ultimately your bottom line, now is the time to learn and get yourself on social media as soon as possible. If you ahem any doubts at all about what this can do for your business, here are just some of the benefits which using social media for business will bring.

Staffing Options

Looking for high quality staff is not always easy but the emergence of social media has stripped out much of the issues which many businesses had in the past. Using social media channels such as LinkedIn is a great way for you to find high quality staff and entice new applicants to apply for your role. This social media channel also gives you the chance to really vet any candidates, before they even walk in the door. Another great social media channel to help you find workers is ShiftPixy, a novel application which puts you in touch with a huge range of shift workers that are looking for part time jobs. This is a great way for businesses to cope with spikes in demand, without the requirement of contracting someone.

Marketing Exposure

In terms of promoting your business, your products and your brand, there are few better ways of doing so than with social media marketing. There are millions of people every day who use social media which means millions of potential customers for you to tap into. The beauty of marketing on social media is that you can either pay for it in order to target the exact demographic that you are looking for, or you could just use social media as per normal, and count on plenty of interaction through this free marketing technique.


Other than face to face, businesses in general don’t often get a chance to speak directly with their new and existing customers, social media however, gives you that opportunity. With ease you can comment, share and like things on social media and then directly engage with people who have liked your business on social media. This is a great way for you to build up trust and loyalty amongst your customers and ensure that they come back for repeat business. In this world where there are more businesses than ever before, you must do all that you can to stand out from the crowd, and one of the best ways of doing so is with a smartly ran social media profile.