Jobs Which Can Offer The Highest Salaries 

One thing that I hear most whenever I ask my students what they most look for in a career choice, is a huge salary. They say that money does not make you happy, and it probably doesn’t , but it is always nice to dream isn’t it? Whilst there are some jobs out there that may bring you a great deal of joy and personal satisfaction, there are others which will allow you to command an enormous salary, especially if you are good at it!

If you are looking for a new career, or to embark on your very first career, and money is the object, here are the career choices which will earn you the most money.

Chief Executive Officer

You only need to look in the Forbes magazine rich list which they bring out each year to see that it is pretty much filled with CEOs from around the world. Even at the lowest levels, these company leaders can command some hefty salaries that would put the rest of us to shame. In order to become a CEO you will either need to start at the bottom and work your way up the ladder of success by delivering results and impressing those above like Gary G Friedman did, or do what Zuckerberg did and revolutionize the world with a business idea. Whichever way you get there, you’ll be rewarded with a heavy pay packet when you do.


Doctors and other medical specialists are among the highest earners in the United States and rightfully so. These men and women work tirelessly day in and day out to improve and save our lives. Doctors require a high level of intellect to do what they do, they also need to have an incredible work ethic from the very beginning. These incredible men and women must study hard right from high school and then for a further 8 years until they are allowed to practice medicine. Fo their hard work and their intelligence, they are very well rewarded.


Not every attorney in the country will be making big bucks but this is a profession whereby a string of successful results can really bring the money in. Much of the reason for these professionals earning so much is because of the sheer amount of work which they must put it, just to get the job in the first place. Attorneys must work hard at college and high school before entering into law school where they will work even harder. If you want to do this job you will need to have high intellect, a brilliant memory and be able to compress huge amounts of data relating to cases. This is a job that comes with a great deal of responsibility as you are upholding the law of the State. Your job is to ensure that every one of your clients gets fair representation and it is this responsibility which is the reason for the high salaries that are paid in this field.