Bizarre Smartphones of All Time

All smartphones are not the same. There have been a lot of smartphones that were developed since they were first invented. Some were weird but to some extend they were successful. We shall look at some of the most bizarre smartphones that have been manufactured over the years.  

Bang and Olufsen Serenata

Bang and Olufsen Serenata was created in 2007 by Bang and Olufsen Serenata as well as Samsung. The phone mostly focused on being a music player more than a smartphone. It had a slider out speaker; it did not look too good and was not compatible with real money online casino games. Also, it had a huge price of $2000.

Bang and Olufsen Serene

Bang and Olufsen together with Samsung had the Serene before they manu8factured the Serenta. Their intention when they manufactured this phone was for it to compete with high end smartphones on the market. The phone had a power-assisted hinge that helped in opening the phone. The scroll wheel and the LCD display were designed like that of an iPod. It had no decent specs, which is why it was never popular. 

C91 Golden-Buddha Phone

The C91 Golden-Buddha Phone was developed in 2009. The phone had a 2-inch screen, 1.3-megapixel camera and dual sim support. It had many other specs too. The phone was better in terms of specs and was compatible with casino games at It had some Buddhist styles. 

Haier P7 

The phone was released in 2004. It had a style of a candy bar. It displayed only 64 x 128 pixels because it had a small screen. It also had a 0.3-megapixel camera as well as a long lasting battery. The phone would last for six hours after charging it once. 

LG G Flex

The LG G Flex was designed so that it could be different phones that were on the market. However, the shape of the phone was weird and it was too expensive too.  Back in the day, so many people loved the phone. Some people however found the phone to be too large.