Blog promotion- 5 ways to go about it

Now that you have started a blog and you have joined the online business community, it is important that you use your voice to reach your community and when you promote your blog effective, you can increase web traffic significantly. You may want to check out more info on

The use of WordPress platform may be one of the best possible ways to get your blog started, it is convenient, free and easily customizable. You need to write good contents in order to generate good contents from wide range of sources, when you also use the right keywords, your blog will record increase in traffic from search engines such as Google, and many clients will share your posts through social media platforms. You shouldn’t expect a blog to become successful without proper promotion, when you spend more time marketing it, sales will naturally increase.

Getting more people to read your blog
It is all about the contents you include in your post, hence the number one rule of blogging is that you must post amazing contents that will attract the attention of readers that will make them return and even read other posts. You can achieve this in three major ways;

– Choose a topic that is just developing in your niche industry,
– Be creative about the chosen topic and write it in a better way than others.
– Choose a topic that has already been written then take a different writing approach.

Writing about a brand new topic
It can be pretty hard to come out with a topic that no one has ever written about, and in most cases your chosen topic might have been covered already. However coming up with a new idea that no one else have thought can be difficult. All you have to do is present the topic in another tone or provide different information on the same topic to your readers, make sure you catch their attention.

Writing same topic better than others
For your blog promotion to be successful, you need to write an existing topic much better than anyone else. You need to do some research and read other blogs relating to the same topic, and then write your own version in such a way that it becomes better than your competitors. You can achieve this by making use of a different tone that can get your readers coming back for more.

Using a different approach to an existing topic
Just like the second point above, you need to choose a topic that is very much relevant to your industry, and then re-invent it. Repeating a blog is always okay as long as you write it in a different way. This also means you write about the topic with a completely different view. You can make use of opposite opinions and create a connection that has not been made yet. When you shake things up, you will definitely increase traffic to your blog. Always remember to do enough research and spend more time with your blog posts.

Promoting your blog
Now that you have written a good content, there are several ways you can promote your blog, these are;
– Email marketing
– Social media,
– Increasing traffic through link baiting, guest posts, blog comments, contest running, forum participation, and using a social locker.

To make use email marketing in blog promotion means you have to send emails to your contact list each time a blog is written and posted by you. You can also share the blogs via social media or via newsletters. Link baiting is a way of linking your websites from other websites or linking other websites through links from your website. You can read more on this site;