How To Build A Social Media Sales Funnel For A Self Storage Business

Self-storages, also known as public storages, are in high demand throughout the US. In 2014, self-storages outnumbered the combined sum of McDonalds and Starbucks in America.

As a self-storage business owner, this stat might entice you a lot. However, this stat also means that there is A LOT of competition in the market. So, how do you set yourself apart?

Two words: Social media! Social media can be very fruitful for your business IF you play your cards correctly. To know which cards are right, you can use the infamous sales funnel! This is the journey of a customer from getting to know about your business to making a purchase.

Here’s a few ways you can build a profitable social media sales funnel for your self-storage business:

  1. Segment your target market

Your target market consists of people belonging to various backgrounds and financial standings. In such a scenario, it is vital that you craft content that captivates prospects falling in each segment.

You can segment your market using numerous factors. E.g. you can set them apart considering where they live, how much they can afford etc.

  1. Promote your business to your target market

Once you’ve finalized WHO you want to advertise to, get started on HOW to advertise to them.

Decide which social media platforms you wish to utilize (Facebook is highly recommended since it has over 200 million active users in US!).

Start promoting content on social media through advertisements. Most platforms’ business tools assist you in directing ads to a specified user base.

  1. Wait for messages and other actions

This will fall under the second stage of the funnel. This includes customers who message you to inquire about your storage or visit your website to check out your facilities AFTER seeing the ad.

At this stage you can group prospects into further segments, e.g. customers with high interest and high fit and customers with low interest and low fit.

  1. Use retargeting

At the second stage of the funnel, most consumers are unlikely to make a purchase. They might want to visit the storage, check out other options etc.

This is where you can use remarketing to direct the user back to your site AFTER he/she viewed a storage but didn’t make a purchase.

Retargeting consists of a basic HTML code scripted into your site’s code. After a user abandons your site before making a rental commitment, you can use retargeting to show specifics of your storage to that user again. Social media supports retargeted ads as well, so you might be in luck!

  1. Watch prospects convert

Finally! The Holy Grail has been discovered, lads!

This is where you see the money rolling in and people start booking spaces in your public storage.

  1. Give adequate customer support

Once prospects have converted, work hard to keep them satisfied. Answer all their queries, address their grievances and ensure they’re happy.

Once this is done, you might start getting referrals. Aka, more money!