Canbec Construction – What to Look For in a Custom Builder

Over the last decade those looking to move property are increasingly on the hunt for plots of land so that they can custom design their own property. This demand is also exactly why many construction companies across the country have added custom building to their repertoire. Here in Canada however there are two types of custom builder, there are those at the top of their industry like Canbec Construction, those who have worked on an enormous range of properties and have a real commitment to excellence, and then there are the rest. Sadly there are a number of firms who do well with stock housing but when it comes to the more individual and refined qualities of a custom property, they just don’t have what it takes. 

If you are interested in getting your home custom built, here are the qualities that you should be looking for. 

When to Get Your Team 

The first point to mention here is that you should always look to get your construction team lined up before you have sat down with the architect to finalize the design of your new property. This works well because it gives you enough time to find the right team for you, and it also gives the company prior warning so that they can make space for your job


In order to get a list of construction companies who can take on this custom build, a simple look on the search engine will find you a number of local companies which have got good ratings. Once you have this list the next step is to try and trim it down to around 2 or 3. The first place to start the trimming is to look at other properties which the company have built before. You can ask the companies directly or you can also private message those who share their property online. If these properties are nearby then there is nothing wrong with driving past to check them out. If it is possible then asking the homeowner for their opinion of the company is also a great idea. 

Experience in Style 

Whilst most custom builders will tell you that they can take on any project the reality is that it is a much smarter move to get builders who have previously constructed a property in the same style that yours will be in. This is not absolutely essential but it does make a lot more sense for you and it will be likely to make the process much easier. 

And finally, once you have reduced the list based on reviews, and looking at the properties, the final step is to sit down for a chat with the construction firms that remain. What you are looking for in these interviews is a team which is professional, which is committed and which is comfortable in terms of their communication with you, as there will be a lot of that going forward. After interviewing everyone and getting quotes, it is time to make your decision.