Fred Brisker – What Travel Insurance Will Cover For You

Despite how low cost it is and how much money it can save people, there are a number of people who each and every year head off on their vacations without travel insurance. For an industry expert like Fred Brisker this is something which he says has always left him dumbfounded and which will always confuse him, mainly because of the huge array of benefits that a simple and reasonably priced travel insurance cover can provide. It is important therefore that everyone understands exactly what you are covered for when you get travel insurance and this is something that may very well tempt more people into getting themselves covered the next time that they hit the road. 


One of the most frequently used coverage options for travel insurance is claiming for transport problems. If you have a flight which is cancelled or which is delayed for a long period of time then you are entitled to some compensation and your travel insurance provider will see to it that you get exactly what you are owed. Flights are delayed and cancelled all of the time, if you don’t have insurance then you may find yourself out of pocket. 

Lost Baggage 

Another common complaint about traveling is bags being lost during the journey, which is of course something which you will want to try your best to avoid. Sometimes however things are completely out of your hands and that means that if your bags are lost and you do not have cover in place then you will have lost those bags and the possessions forever, with no money coming your way. Just think about the things that are in your bag, and then consider whether you’d be happy if they went missing, with no way of getting them replaced. 

Medical Care 

Of course one of the most important aspects of travel insurance is that it covers you should you need medical attention whilst you are away from home. some countries around the world charge incredible prices for medical attention and if you do not have travel insurance in place then that is going to come right out of your pocket. A simple procedure could easily cost you thousands of dollars, when you consider that, the $30 policy cost doesn’t seem too bad at all. 


If you or a loved one dies whilst you are traveling then you will no doubt wish to repatriate the body and buy them or cremate them back on home soil. What you may not be aware of however is that this will cost you millions of dollars to do, and that is yet another reason why you should always look to have a travel insurance policy in place. 

If you fail to have such a plan in place then you are going to have a great amount of problems and you will be putting yourself in danger of great expense should something go wrong. Travel insurance is low cost and there is no reason not to cover yourself.