Dr. Balpal Sandhu – The Dangers of Not Drinking Enough Water

One thing which I really like abut my physician Dr. Balpal Sandhu is how simple he makes things and every time that I have been to see him he is able to really put me at ease, no matter what the situation is. I have learned a lot from the doctor as well, including the importance of drinking enough water each day, something which I have definitely be guilty of not doing in the past. I never really thought it was that necessary but Dr. Sandhu broke down for me the benefits and the risks of not getting 3-4 liters of water a day, and they were things that I could really relate to. If you are not drinking enough water each day then here are the risks which you are running.

Sapped of Energy

When the body is not properly hydrated it has to work extra hard in order to maintain the efficiency of the human body’s systems. In doing this the body will use what little hydration the body has to keep essential systems working to the best of their ability. For you this means that you are unlikely to have much energy to keep you going, and when you get that mid-afternoon sap it is likely that you are dehydrated.


Another real danger of not drinking enough water is that your ability to focus, concentrate and organize is greatly diminished. Once again this is because the body is laboring so hard to keep things going that thoughts and impulses are radically slowed down. Much like the lack pf physical energy which you are going to have, you can also expect a lack of mental energy when not properly hydrated.


Most people with bags under their eyes or brittle hair and nails are usually those who are not drinking enough water and your skin in particular can bear the brunt of the damage. The body recognizes that these areas aren’t critical so the hydration is drawn from them and utilized elsewhere. Cells cannot repair as they normally would and this is why dehydration has a very damaging effect on your overall appearance. If you want great looking skin and gorgeous hair, before you go out and buy any fancy treatments, be sure to start drinking water first.

Long Term Damage

It is not just the short term which will be impacted here, if you continuously fail to give your body enough water then you could see some liver and kidney damage in later life. These are the essential organs for controlling blood and waste and failure to get enough water through them ends up causing issues like fatty liver or potentially even kidney failure in the future.

It is not difficult to drink water and the key really is just to always have it in your mind, try and use a phone app or a simple alarm to alert you to keep drinking water throughout the day.