Dr. Mark Swaim – Reasons to do 30 minutes of Exercise Per Day

Unlike my buddy Dr. Mark Swaim I absolutely despise exercise and will do all that I can to avoid it. Mark on the other hand is a health freak who is in great shape, has no vices and is constantly on my case for me to live the vets version of myself, he is a great friend in truth. Mark has helped me in many ways and the best way in which he has helped me is a with a 30 minute workout which he tailored to fit with what I needed. As much as I hate exercising I have always been aware of why it is important, and here is why you should try and aim for 30 minutes exercise per day. 

It Is Achievable 

Even someone like myself who loathes working out can manage 30 minutes of exercise per day, after all there are 48 sets of 30 mins in the day, so if I can’t dedicate one of them to making me a better and healthier person then there is something seriously wrong. I always think of it like this, I have sat on my backside watching 30 minute episodes of TV shows all my life, that is all I have to do, only with exercise. 


I have never been grossly overweight but I can honestly say that just 30 minutes per day has made a huge difference for me. In just 6 weeks of working out for 6 days per week I feel healthier, lighter and far stronger and more supple than ever before. Much like all of you, I may not enjoy the process but the end result is of course something that I do quite enjoy, and I know that you guys will too. 


Almost every gelato organization tells you that 30 minutes per day can add years to your life and greatly decrease your risk of heart disease and illnesses in later life. I have to be honest I imagine that I would hate diabetes or cancer more than I hate exercise and I have always used that as a tool with which to motivate myself. 


Our lives are often what stand in the way of our ability to do exercise, many of us have business personal lives and hectic professional lives which mean that we just can’t dedicate the time to getting some exercise in. Thirty minutes per day however, even if you break that up into two 15 minute sessions, is most certainly doable no matter what else you have going on in your private life. 


I have to be honest, I have gone from hating exercise to doing 30 minutes per day, and then to ramping that up to 60 minutes per day and whilst I still don’t necessarily enjoy it, I do love having the body which I have wanted for some time. Exercise is not enjoyable but it is infectious.