Why Education Makes For Such a Great Career Choice

Of all the sectors and industries which you could choose to work in, education is the place that needs you most, throughout the entire system there are job shortages which you could fill that will give you a very rewarding career. There are so many positions which you could take on in the education sector from teaching to counselling, financial positions and even administration such as the inspirational Kevin Rolle. Kevin has worked in administration for over 20 years within the education sector and is currently Vice President of Colorado State University, proof of the success which you could achieve within education. Let’s take a look at the many benefits which a career in education can offer you.


In the main, the turnover of professionals within the education sector are very low and most people have a career for life if they so choose. This kind of stability is tough to find in many industries and areas of expertise and as anyone will tell you, stability in a job is a great benefit.


The fact that you are working in a sector which promotes education and looks to help change and shape the lives of many can give you instant respect. This respect exists both within the educational sphere itself, and to the outside world. There aren’t too many jobs which can give you this instant respect but education is most certainly one of them.


The salaries within education range from relatively low to extremely high in the cases of university professors and those in positions of power. With this being said, you will be offered a great pension package as well as support with health care, financial add-ons which you will receive though your career in education and bonuses which can supplement a lower salary.


Because of the fact that you cannot always count on a high salary within the education sector you must be motivated by something more than money and in the case of education, that will be the benefits of the students. In whatever role you should take on in education, you will be affecting the lives of many either directly or indirectly and not only affecting them, but positively helping them to become successful. In terms of the personal rewards, there are few jobs which can offer you the same kind of satisfaction that a role within education can.

Career Progression

In almost all forms of educational positions there is a very clear pathway for career progression if that is what you want. Teachers can aspire to become head of year or the head of the school, administrators can go on to join the board of directors or even reach President and Vice President positions and even in the position of counsellors, they can go on to educate the next generation of counsellor in their leadership positions. If you want to get to the top then educational positions offer you a very clear route to do so.