Settling into Student Accommodation

Moving to university is a big day! The build-up takes weeks as you accumulate all the necessities of student life, from pots and pans, to new pillow cases and duvet covers. On top of that you’ve got vital coursebooks to pack, as well as posters and keepsakes that make your room feel truly like your own, whether you’re moving into Sheffield University accommodation, Cambridge halls of residence or even going abroad!

Making your new room or flat feel like a home is an important part of feeling happy and secure as you set about learning the ropes at university, so it’s worth thinking about in advance. Fortunately, that’s exactly what we’re doing today!

Making it Your Own

Most student accommodation has had dozens if not hundreds of residents before you, and will have hundreds after you. For the duration of your stay, it’s important to make it feel like a home for you, not an anonymous room. Most universities and student unions will play host to poster sales in the opening weeks of the term, to give you an easy way to find something personal to put on the walls, but if you’re really looking for a bit of flair and with a strict budget, you can look further afield.

Charity shops often have old art and prints available for only a few pounds – you might have to rummage for something really striking, but at the end of the day, you’ll be the one person with a unique map, landscape or still life while other people have the same five posters.

Making Friends

You’re going to be surrounded by other students in your student accommodation – the clue is in the name! Everyone’s in the same boat as you, and though they might handle it in different ways, everyone’s uncertain and a little worried about this new life they’re beginning.

Moving in day is a great chance to start getting to know the people around you – lots of coming and going, and opportunities to help each other carry boxes and hold doors open that can turn into openings of conversations. While it might seem wearing to have similar conversations about where you’re from and what you’re studying over and over, don’t knock small talk! It’s a low stakes start to what could be a life long friendship!

Starting university brings a lot of admin with it. Try to schedule with your peers so you can all go and sign up to the doctor together, visit the campus and student union together and so on. This doesn’t just help to create bonds, it also ensures no one’s left behind for these vital activities.