The Four Hidden Health Benefits of Blogging For Your Business and Beyond


If you run a business, you’re absolutely familiar with the concept of stress.

Likewise, you’re probably also familiar with the need to consistently create content for your business, which can be a huge source of stress in and of itself.

Writing. Editing. Ideation. The list goes on and on.

Regardless, today’s entrepreneurs understand the benefits of blogging in terms of becoming an influencer and getting found in the SERPs.

That being said, what if there was a way that blogging could benefit you beyond traffic, dollars and cents?

Instead of looking at managing your company blog as business as usual, consider some of the hidden health benefits associated with regular writing and blogging. If you’re looking to turn your business’ blog into a money-making machine minus the headache, start thinking about how blogging can actually boost your health.

Stress  Relief

Workplace stress is no joke: from increased risk of blood pressure to heart disease, you need an outlet to get stress of your chest. What better place than your company blog?

Simply put, writing can be a cathartic experience: channel your stress into the written word as means of relaxing.

This doesn’t mean you should turn your blog into a therapy session or constantly complain. Instead, strive to cover topics related to pitfalls or problems you’ve faced as a way of venting and inspiring others. As readers relate to your own struggles, you build an emotional connection with your readership which may result in a more dedicated audience for the long-haul.

Having a Creative Outlet

Everyone should have some form of creative outlet, whether it be painting or playing an instrument. However, finding time for such an outlet is easier said than done when you’re running a business.

Writing is most certainly a creative venture, so harness your blog as a place to communicate ideas and get your creative juices flowing. Many new writers struggle with blogging because they know that they’re no Hemingway; however, the only way to get better at writing is to write more.

Creativity is associated with a better mood, so why not blog for your own mental health?

Increased Socialization

No business today should be an island.

However, entrepreneurship can often be a lonely road, and isolation is a recipe for depression and anxiety. Instead, think of your blog as a way to reach an audience and socialize.

After all, your posts and blog at large contribute to a community conversation, regardless of your niche or industry. Strive to personalize your posts and get closer to your readers rather than feel like you’re blasting blogs into a void. Beyond growing your readership and building new relationships, increased socialization may improve cognitive function as well.

Filter-Free Fun

Simply put, sometimes you need to act without a filter. Don’t let your tension and emotions get cooped up; likewise, why not have some fun on your company blog?

Let your personality shine. Loosen your tie. Be yourself.

Running a business doesn’t have to mean depriving yourself of joy. Use your own voice and be sincere on your blog: blazing your own path will boost your confidence whilst also helping you stand out from the crowd.

The health benefits of blogging go beyond the surface. By using your blog as a place to touch on the topics you need to get off your chest whilst also engaging readers, you may be surprised at how warmly your readership responds.