Fun Things You Should Try: Games of Cards Inspired by Superheroes

New horizons of the old games

So many people all over the world love superheroes – and that’s exactly why they are so very welcome among contemporary card games. Both of the most famous superhero universes – Marvel and DC – have created so many various characters, which make an admirable selection for many old and celebrated games of cards. Not only do these multifarious and colourfully-costumed heroes enliven the game, they also bring in tonnes of new features related to their super-powers.

There are many Games of Cards Inspired by Superheroes

Let’s take a look at what super heroic options a today’s comics’ buff is presented with. What costume will you choose for the next overnight gathering behind the game table?

Cards and superheroes: what’s there to choose?

1) Batman

Soon, one would be able to move all the people who don’t know Batman to a museum – those are surely rare nowadays! Batman works absolutely for all settings and situations. Why? Mostly, because… he’s Batman. Probably, that was the chief explanation for creating all those numerous card games featuring the Dark Knight himself, Robin, Catwoman and other Bat’s allies or friends. With all his villainous creativity, Joker places yet another riddle before Batman’s eyes – and this mischievousness of his results in the splendid game of poker. So, now players can see those two great superheroes scuffle over the jackpot. The whole thing ends in a head-to-head battle and even more excitement for those who play.

2) Iron Man

This hero was moved to even greater fame by Robert Downey Jr. Today Iron Man’s superb engineering skills and heroic deed are known not only by children but many adults as well. We honestly don’t know how Mr Stark has managed to find extra time to take part in the card game tournament. Nevertheless, there he sits dealing out the cards with a cunning smile. Obviously, this techno-geek is going to twist everybody’s round!

3) The Thing

Who would have known that Benjamin “Ben” Grimm – the actor who played The Thing – can boast extraordinary skills at playing poker. Now all fans of Marvel movies and comics can get together around the table and choose their favourite hero to take home the huge winning of the night. Today, to start playing poker is as easy as to start the game with free slots – the player needs no experience at all!

4) Gambit

The most obvious superhero selection for a game of cards nevertheless hasn’t been available until recently. Now, aficionados of card games and Marvel’s artistic inventions will be absolutely delighted by joining the table as Gambit. He was born with cards in his hand – and it’s Gambit who will lead the player right to a whopping lot of winnings.
Isn’t that wonderful to see those comics heroes all absorbed into placing bets and calling the shots? They are so motivated to win – and so are you when it’s your favourite hero’s reputation that is at stake!