Gambling in video games

Gambling in video games: harmless or a slippery slope to ruin?

What Is Gambling?

Gambling is referred to as risking something valuable on certain events in exchange of hopes to gain something with a higher value than the previous one. Gambling does not only involve money but assets, too. There are different effects of playing for money that is the losing side and the winning side.

What Is Video Gaming?

A game played electronically through specialized devices is what is referred as a video game. These display devices are such as play stations, Xbox, computers, highly integrated televisions, and many others.

How Do Gambling and Video Games Relate?

Both are pastime activities in which teenagers, young adults, and even the middle-aged elderly participate in. There are psychological and behavioural patterns between different kinds of gambling and types of video games. There is, thus, a correlation between video game players and gamblers that the regulators want to exploit.

Why Have Gaming and Gambling Come Together and What New Things Will Be Offered to the Stakeholders?

Video gaming and gambling have merged to bring more thrill and fun to video game lovers as well as gamblers at It simply involves combining and integrating gambling into video gaming so as to provide benefits for both of the industries. Though these are two different ideas, the merger of the two has brought huge opportunities for gamers to earn while playing and present another avenue for gamblers to explore. Who is the target market by age group in this new gambling platform?

Target Market

Video game gambling regulators and agencies have set up thousands of slot machines at casinos, shopping malls, and various social joints with an aim to attract more so the millennials. This is due to the fact that, that age group mostly between 12 and 19 years enjoy video and social media games but aren’t attracted to outdoor experiences of spending time and money on the machines because of their enjoyment of the game.

The millennials are not the only concern, but the regulators are trying to acquire a huge market base. They are also targeting the adult gamblers and gamers to widen their market base.

Why Broaden the Market?

Video games have been there for long that even those in their 40s and 50s are skillful players and thus, a prospective market that if harnessed well, great gains can be made. This includes:

Ø  Vision improvement;

Ø  Career boost;

Ø  Establishment of new social connections;

Ø  Help in reducing stress.

What Are the Popular Video Games That Players Like to Gamble on?

Many players only place their money on games that they are well versed in and those that they have experience playing or have played since childhood. Such titles include:

1.   Blackjack

2.   Craps

3.   Danger Arena

4.   Pharaoh’s Secret Temple

Plans have already been put in place to come up with more exciting and new games according to the tastes and preferences of the users such as racing and martial arts fighting.

How to Play and Win

Playing and winning is an easy process and only requires that one be a gamer as well as have some little knowledge about betting. Take the game Danger Arena for instance.

Players choose certain games that give a certain amount of cash according to the amount of money that one has previously placed as his/her stake. Different games are charged different rates and the returns depend on the level that one has reached while playing.

Danger Arena is mostly played by both players who gamble and have different levels of difficulty. As one moves to the difficult levels, a certain amount of cash is earned. Players though are at risk of losing the amount staked as skills are required at the advanced levels of the game.

Playing Danger Arena

·         Players start off shooting bots

·         If the player shoots down 6 bots, half the amount of money staked is earned back. Shoot 7 bots and players get back all the cash they placed as a bet.

·         The more the number of bots the player shoots past the 7 bots mark, the more the amount of cash the gamer will earn on the placed bet.

·         There are different cash levels that players have to choose from e.g. $1, $2, $5, $10 according to the casino’s specifications.

·         The gamer that finishes the game past all levels get maximum cash and bonuses are also available.

The gaming activities reach its optimal point during weekends and at night. Gambling considers the interest of the gamers. Large amounts of money placed as bets go back to the players while are used to maintain the slot machines and the extra cash goes to the casinos as revenue earnings. This is a win – win situation for all.

Future of Video Games Gambling

The upcoming generation of gamers does not play those ubiquitous games that their parents played and that casinos bank on for a large share of their revenue. Those companies like GameCo. Inc. has entered with the idea of melding the 3D action sequences with gaming – that is with real money exchanging hands and some of the games are already being tested for prospects.

Nowadays, it’s not that easy to hold a gamers interest, but games developers are already coming up with games based on popular movies. Thus, video games gambling hold a very bright and promising future for revenue collectors as well as players, who love this form of entertainment with a passion.