How To Get a Music Agent

For many artists, securing a music agent can provide an invaluable leg-up to a successful career in the music industry. As a solely independent artist, carrying the burden of writing, recording and performing live can leave little time for promoting your act. This is where music booking agents can help. With a team of agents dedicated to handling the negotiations and arrangements that may be involved in live shows, you as an artist are given more time to work on the things which are most important to you, such as rehearsal or writing.

Having A Manager Can Help

This is a great tip. Some music agencies prefer the artist to come with a manager. Typically a manager is well-versed in the ways of the industry and can make quick or efficient decisions on behalf of their artist. Having reputable management on your side can only help the decision for a music agent to take you on.

Contacting Music Agents

Arguably one of the most effective ways to bag an agent or agency is to catch them after one of your live shows. If the gig is packed out or has gone especially well, this will prove to be an unignorable means of persuasion.

Getting Them To A Show

Naturally, you want to be targeting the agencies which operate within the sphere of your genre. There are some music agents which specialise in particular genres. For example, MN2S are a UK music agency who specialise in the management and booking of DJs, producers and celebrity personalities. Acts on their roster range from Boy Goerge to Danny Rampling to Joe Calzaghe.

In short, it is up to you as an artist to put the feelers out, research some great options for your act and make as many connections as possible.