How to Choose the Best Cheerleading Uniform

Do you know How to Choose the Best Cheerleading Uniform?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; you must have heard this somewhere. Even though everyone has a different definition of beauty, at your tryout audition, you need to dress impressively. Just as with the talent show auditions that you see on TV, you might get varying opinions about your costume from the panel of judges.

To deciding on the best outfit for your tryout audition, you need to look for something unique. Do not wear something that everyone else is wearing. If possible, consider wearing custom pieces such as customized cheer jackets.

Here are some tips that will come in handy when choosing the best cheer costumes:

Do Not Break the Rules

In some schools, there are strict regulations regarding how much skin you can show as a cheerleader. You should not break this rule by wearing something that shows off too much skin. You must look at others’ cheer uniforms to get an idea of what is appropriate.

Budget it Right

How much are you willing to spend on a cheerleading costume? Once you figure out how much you can spend without breaking bank, you should only take into consideration uniforms that fit within your budget range.

Team it Right

You need to keep the whole team in mind before buying the right garment. If you hope to be a member of the cheerleading team in the future, you need to show some team spirit. Some uniforms look good on tall, lean cheerleaders but are uncomfortable on shorter ones; you need to consider this when buying your costume.

Choose comfort

Comfortable cheerleaders can do a lot of jumps and flips. This means that you need to choose a very comfortable outfit if you want your initial audition to be successful. Try the costume in the store before you even think about purchasing it and do a few jumps to make sure that it is comfy.

Choose a Costume That Reflects Your Personality


Are you a girly-girl who loves the color pink and cannot get enough of ruffles? You should choose a costume that reflects your personality with lots of glitz and glitter. On the other hand, if you prefer bright and colorful clothes, choose a costume that is color-blocked or has colorful details.

Consider Visual Flow

The audience should be able to focus on your face and upper body then follow down your costume to get its overall effect. This means that you should make your face the focal point when choosing a cheerleading costume. The secondary focal point should be the emphasis of your best bodily features.

Consider Your Hairstyle

Your hair might cover up some of the design features of your costume if you decide to let it hang loose. Moreover, it might be caught in your costume, making it impossible to finish your routine comfortably. It would not make sense to pay extra for more costume features and then cover them up with your hair, so you need to consider your hairstyle when purchasing a costume.

Hide Undergarments

Select a costume that does not allow your underwear to show. You do not want any errant straps or panty lines to peek out of your costume during the audition. For this reason, you should buy a fitting costume and wear underwear that suppresses any jiggling and immodest views of your rear.

Wearing a supportive bra and an appropriate panty will help prevent this.

Press Your Costume

On the day of your audition, make sure that the costume is immaculately pressed and cleaned. Because you will be sweating, you need to ensure that the costume starts out looking great instead of dingy.