Ideas For Optimizing The Space In Your Home

If you have small rooms in your home then you should make sure that you are investigating some of the many ways in which you can use design hacks to truly optimize what you have. There are multiple ways in which you can give the appearance of a larger space, and essentially do the utmost with what you have. Whether it is an oversized living room or a bedroom which is a touch too cosy, here are some of the best ways to ensure that you are making the most out of every inch of space.


Splitting a Room

If you have a bedroom or living area which is simply too big, splitting it in two could be the perfect option for you. There are a number of temporary features which you can use to split a room, we however think that a much better option is to install a stud wall to permanently separate that space. A partition wall may take a little work but the reality is that it provides a much more efficient separation and it can be removed should you wish to change. If you have some DIY skills then you may even be able to do this on your own, using a basic metal c-stud for partition walls. This will solve your space problem and give you an extra room to enjoy. 

Mounting Items 

 If you have small rooms in the home then mounting items to the wall will help you to increase the sense of space down below. Mounting your TV instead of using a stand, or using floating shelves instead of a bookshelf will ensure that the lower area of the room has that ample appearance, no matter how small the space may be. 

Using Mirrors and Lighting 

Our sense of space is determined by how our eyes react to lighting, and this is where you can really play with the appearance of space in each room. Dimly lit rooms with certain focal points have the appearance of being small and cosy, whereas bright spaces with flooded lighting feel much larger. To compliment the lighting which you are using, introduce mirrors to reflect that light and fill otherwise darker areas of the room. 

Playing with Textures

Not only can the way in which we use light and dark help us to create the feeling of space, so too can the textures which we use. For example adding a rough feature wall with exposed brick, against the backdrop of soft furnishings, can help us to really maximize the space and use the walls as part of the artistic decor. The key is contrast which will highlight certain areas of the room, and playing around with different textures can really help us in doing this. 

Get Creative With Dead Space

No matter what the size of the room is, there is likely to be some areas where the space appears to be dead. This could be under a countertop in the kitchen or in the corner of a bedroom, but there are some creative ideas which we can employ to maximize that space. Using hanging rails, corner units, hooks and lamps can help to breathe life into space which appears to be dead. 

Once you have decided on colors and decorations for your room, be sure to consider whether or not your are optimizing all of the space available.