Go Zen – Feel, Look, and Be Younger

Zen is said to be a state of mind, and something that can be incorporated in every part of our lives. Indeed, we can eat Zen, think Zen, and even decorate our home Zen! But for health and well-being company Jeunesse, it is also the ability to have meet certain health goals by having the correct nutritional support. To achieve this, they developed their Zen line of products, which is a complete health package.

What Is Jeunesse Zen?

Jeunesse has developed a complete line of products as part of Zen, and they recommend people use all of them for total body health. However, they can also be enjoyed individually, suitable for those who have more specific health goals. The line includes:

  1. Zen Shape, which contains a wealth of ingredients that support weight loss in a natural way. This includes green tea leaf extract, raspberry ketones, and mango seed extract. Each of these have been scientifically proven to have a positive impact on weight loss. According to Jeunesse, the product is a thermogenic fat burner, meaning that your body’s natural fat burning systems are supported from the inside. Essentially, it means you sweat any fat out.
  2. Zen Fit, which is a supplement to be used after a workout. It is designed to increase the healing process of muscles, while at the same time better supporting the body to digest protein. It is filled with important amino acids. Zen Fit comes in two different flavors, being watermelon and fruit punch, which is quite unique. BCAA supplements like this one usually come in blander flavors such as chocolate and vanilla, and Jeunesse seems to be the only one to have created them in more unique tastes.
  3. Zen Pro, which is a protein powder. This also comes in two flavors, being chocolate dream and vanilla bliss. The product is designed specifically for women who work out and want to burn remaining fat levels while at the same time increasing their lean muscle mass. Because it is targeted at women, it contains less protein than other similar products.

Put together, the three Zen products are designed to help people lose weight and burn muscle, supplementing their workouts. If all three are taken together, then, according to Jeunesse, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Feeling less hungry.
  • Having greater control over cravings and appetite.
  • Building lean muscle mass.
  • Improving cholesterol and blood sugar levels.
  • Burn fat.

Originally, Jeunesse launched as a company that aimed to help people look and feel younger. Quickly, however, they found that this is about more than fighting the signs of ageing. It is about being as healthy as possible, which includes living a healthy lifestyle with plenty of exercise. If people are toned and fight fat, they will ultimately look healthier and younger as well. That is the reasoning behind their Zen line of products, and it is proving to be incredibly popular, not in the least because people have come to trust in the quality of Jeunesse products.