Why for Haris Ahmed Chicago Is the Best Place for Real Estate

If you are hoping to purchase a new home in Chicago, you will find yourself spoilt for choice. So much so, in fact, that you may question where you want to live. Chicago is a big city, with wonderful neighborhoods such as Removille and Lincoln Park, and many others as well. According to Haris Ahmed Chicago is truly the best place for real estate. He does recommend that people spend some time driving and walking around, so they can get a real feel for the city and its fantastic neighborhoods. But specifically, he recommends the following ones.

For Haris Ahmed Chicago Real Estate Is about the Following Neighborhoods

  1. Skokie

Skokie used to be called Niles Centre. It is actually a suburb rather than a neighborhood. It is approximately 15 miles away from the Chicago Loop. It is quite common for women to really want to live here, as the block of Skokie is very family friendly. It is quite a small community with only around 65,000 people living there. There are beautiful homes along Touhy Avenue, Main Street, Dempster Street, Golf Road, and Old Orchard Road. Other great locations where people have been charged very reasonable prices for real estate include Gross Point Road, Niles Center Road, Lincoln Avenue, McCormick Boulevard, Crawford Avenue, and Skokie Boulevard.

  1. Rogers Park

People of the block of Rogers Park will usually tell you that they are totally unique and a place of their own, rather than part of Chicago itself. This is because it was set up as a unique community by German immigrants in 1830. Today, those who are of the block of Rogers Park have Jewish, Irish, English, or German backgrounds and they have paid a lot of respect to their famous ancestors. It is one of the most diverse communities in the country according to the 2000 census, in fact.

  1. Oak Park

Oak Park is great for those who work in downtown Chicago, because it has very good train and bus services. This means that it is a good place for families, enabling them to live somewhere nice while being able to commute to where all the action is. Oak Park is home to some 50,000 people, and some very famous people, including Betty White, Ernest Hemingway, and Carl Rogers lived here. Those are things that residents are incredibly proud of, so be prepared to hear about this again and again.

  1. Evanston

Last but not least, there is Evanston. It is just to the north of the city, on Lake Michigan. If you are looking for real estate in Chicago, then you absolutely must take a look at Evanston. It is just along from Wilmette, which is also a popular Chicago real estate area. Evanston has had a claim to fame, as it is where Charlton Heston, Joan Cusack, John Cusack, and Marlon Brando were all from.

As you can see, there are plenty of choices out there for those hoping to move to Chicago.