How to be a Leader

Some people are born with the natural ability to lead people, it could be in business, within a friendship circle, in a sports team or even in the community, there are strong people who have a natural instinct to lead. The large majority of us however are not born with that leadership instinct and we must work hard to attain the skills required to guide others. If you want to improve your leadership skills then here are some of the areas that you need to improve and who you can do so.


Watch and Learn

One of the best ways of improving your skills as a leader is to watch other great leaders and learn form them. This could be a co-worker, a politician or even an inspirational character and leader like TB Joshua, pastor and prophet who leads his congregation and millions of his followers each week through his passionate sermons for SCOAN (Synagogue Church of All Nations)

Be Dedicated

In order to be a great leader, you need to be the single most dedicated member of your team, those whom you are leading are looking to you to be a great role model and with high levels of dedication you can inspire others to be the same.

Understand the Team

Great leaders can be measure on how effective those that they lead are, it is through the understanding of the team dynamic where leaders can succeed or fail and they must respect each part of the team for it to work well, including their own role. The leader is the pillar of the team who is there to guide, to inspire and to motivate all other parts of the team.


There is no room in leadership for shrinking violets and as a leader you must show boldness in many areas. You nee dot be bold when making decisions, bold with your attitude and bold with your team should you need to discipline them or set your expectations. When it comes to being a great leader you need to be brave and strong in a ll aspects of your role.

Forward Thinking

As a leader you will be required to constantly look forward for the best direction to take you team in, whether this be looking for the next gap in the market which you can exploit or looking for new ways of working, it will be your responsibility to constantly have your eye on the horizon. Good leaders lead in the now whereas great leaders lead both in the now and the future and if you want to take your leadership skills to the next level then you will need to have a forward-thinking approach.

Self Evaluate

One of the most important parts of leadership is that you are constantly self evaluating and looking for ways in which you can improve. Even the World’s greatest leaders are looking at themselves on a daily basis and challenging themselves to improve. If you want to continuously improve your skills then this is the only way to do so.