A Trusted and Reliable Cyber Security Company

Elizabeth V. of ENV Photography is a fan of SiteLock Reviews. “I first signed up because I had malicious files installed in my server and SiteLock fixed everything quickly”. Another happy SiteLock customer, Sheila H., owner of a website called “Wish List Project”, also said, “I have been very satisfied with SiteLock and its services. Customer service walked me through the set-up and made it so simple from the start.” Glowing reviews like these are proof that the Arizona-based cyber security company is quickly making itself known as a reliable and high quality partner for anyone who needs some peace of mind regarding website protection and defense.


Recognition from Gartner and Deloitte

Established in 2008, SiteLock has been steadily impressing its clients, so much so that it now has been recognized by the Gartner as part of its 2015 Magic Quadrant for Application Security Testing. Moreover, SiteLock has also been named as one of the fastest growing Arizona-based companies by Deloitte’s 2015 technology Fast 500 Ranking. Presently, the company defends over five million websites all over the world, thanks to the expertise and know-how of its founders, who graduated from world famous universities like MIT, Caltech, Wharton and Stanford. Thus, clients can feel confident that the combined knowledge of these veterans would do wonders for the security of their websites.

Big Brands Also Trust SiteLock

SiteLock has such a sterling reputation that big brands also trust the company to protect their digital presence. The list is quite long, but some of SiteLock’s big brands customers are Black Friday, Host Papa, Animal Rescue Corps, Tennis Channel, Battery Junction, Go Daddy, Love My Credit Union, Live PC Expert and Online Shoes, just to name a few. Moreover, the cyber protection company has been featured in respectable, well known publications like the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CNBC, Bloomber Radio, and Entrepreneur.

SiteLock Offers Various Kinds of Digital Protection to Guard Against Cyber Threats

Since every website is unique and unlike any other, SiteLock provides different kinds of digital defense, from malware detection and removal, web applications firewall, bot mitigation, to DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack protection. This flexibility means any website user would be able to find the appropriate cyber security package in accordance with the website’s unique characteristics and cyber protection requirements. One of the most common cyber attacks is called a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack, which aims to cripple and crash a website by flooding it with too many requests. SiteLock guards against this type of attack with its SiteLock Secure VIP, making sure that your website remains able to respond to legitimate requests by a combination of protection layers that incorporate infrastructure, Web App DDos defense and DNS. Since  threats can also sneak into your website from back doors, SiteLock blocks malware with its SiteLock TrueShield WAF (Web Application Firewall). Additionally, since more than ninety percent of website threats come from web applications, SiteLock has developed TrueCode SAST to analyze and fix a website’s source code. Working together, all these SiteLock products form a complete cyber security system.