How to Promote Family Time Among Busy Employees

As the head of the company, your primary responsibility is to ensure that everyone is productive. You want to meet deadlines and guarantee that the business keeps going. However, it’s also your responsibility to ensure that your employees are doing well. It might not be your priority, but it should be. There are instances when they feel too dedicated to work, and they forget to spend time with family members. You have to find a way to promote family time. These tips will help.

Provide a realistic deadline

Some employees can’t spend time with family is they have too many tasks to finish. They worry that you will get angry if they can’t finish everything on time. Therefore, it helps if you provide a realistic deadline. Understand how long it takes for the employees to get the job done. You were also in their shoes before. You can ask them to give you an idea about how long it takes to produce the required output. In doing so, there’s no need to sacrifice family time.

Ensure no one works on weekends and after office hours 

Employees spend five days a week going to work. The only days they have with family members are the weekends. Make sure that they use their weekends wisely by being with their loved ones. You can also ask them the following week about how they spend their weekends. 

Organise family events

You can also organise a family day at work. Invite all the employees to come and bring family members with them. It can also be a fairground hire, an exciting event where children can have fun. You will also have the opportunity to get to know everyone at work. 

Be a role model

You can’t expect your employees to spend a lot of time with your family if you’re not doing it yourself. You also have a responsibility to your family. If they see you working in the office even after office hours and on weekends, they will feel guilty. Learn to drop work-related tasks once the office hours are over. Otherwise, your employees will feel worried about spending time with family. They will think about how hard you work while they don’t. 

Accept valid excuses

There are instances when employees have to choose between going to work and attending to problems at home. If they tell you that they have something to deal with, you should accept it. No employee should have to choose between solving family problems and having to lose a job. Let your employees feel that they can come to you if they need help or for a favour.

Hopefully, you can change the environment at work. Spending time with family is essential. Some children grow up not having enough time with their loved ones. You don’t want your employees to feel that way. There’s nothing wrong with being hard-working, but they should learn how to balance their time.