Bryan Cumby – Reasons to Give Back To The Community

We should all be looking to do whatever we can for our local community, and many more of us have to step up and support. I am often inspired in the world of business by those leaders who do exactly this, people like Bryan Cumby who really lead the way in supporting the local community and giving something back.

There are so many ways in which you can help here from volunteering in local schools to supporting charity shops, helping organizations which run activities or even just helping a neighbor out with their groceries. Giving back just means putting others before yourself sometimes and it is absolutely critical that more of us do this. Here is why we should all look to be giving back.

Tighter Together

In recent decades we have really seen the erosion of the community and this is absolutely something which can help us in putting it back together. The more t hat we help, the more people we get to know and the more solid our own community becomes. This is important for so many reasons, for security, for mental wellbeing in the community and of course, for that network of support which we all need.

Feeling Good

Whilst it should never be the single motivating factor, there is no question that helping others really does make you feel good about yourself. There is no shame in this at all, to feel a little sense of pride is nice to have, and you will have earned it. This is actually something which then inspires others to help out too, and it can have a very positive domino effect.

Tough Times

Helping out in the community is always a great idea, but given what has happened over the last 12 months, we are in a tougher situation than ever before. If you are able to then, now is the most critical time for us to support one another and help each other through this rough time. Remember that it is not about doing huge things for people, it is about doing the small things which just give people that little bit of support which they wouldn’t have previously had.

Poor Government Support

Ultimately there are many areas across the nation where local government just isn’t doing enough to help out those struggling most in the community. This should not be the case of course, but we cannot simply do nothing just because there are some politicians doing their job wrong. If we are able to come together and support one another then it won’t matter what those politicians are in doing because we will be doing the good work, helping the mots vulnerable and once again bringing together the community as one.

As we have mentioned in the intro, there are so many ways in which you can help the local community, the key here is that we actively do it, why not start today?