Hungry in the UK? Visit these 5 Cities Across the Pond

Hungry in the UK? Grab a plate of fish and chips ... photo by CC user Edwardwexler on wikimedia commons

The United Kingdom is filled with so many attractions that you don’t want to miss out on. When visiting the UK, you’ll need your energy to see all that it has to offer, so be sure to visit some restaurants in these five cities. Eating a meal from any of these dining options will be sure to replenish your strength and give you the energy you need to see as many sights as possible on your travels throughout the UK.

Burgers and Brews in Sheffield

Sheffield has plenty of options when it comes to satisfying hunger. One of the top-rated restaurants in the area is called Fear X Loathing, a bar and eatery that serves some of the best burgers and brews around. Another more traditional option is called Cossack Cuisine, which offers bakery items and is known for their vegetable and meat pies. Book from one of these Sheffield hotels; there is sure to be some tasty dining options near wherever you choose.

Traditional Fish & Chips in Bournemouth

Whether you’re in the mood for a casual dining experience or a romantic dinner for two, Bournemouth has what you’re looking for. Alfie’s Fish and Chips is the most traditional British food you’ll find in all of the UK. It offers the best fish and chips in town, and the best part is the affordable price. For a more fine dining experience, check out Gilbey’s Restaurant, which is perfect for a romantic date night. Before you can think about all the tasty eats that you’ll be having in Bournemouth, book from one of these affordable hotels.

Never Go Hungry in Crawley

Located in West Sussex, England, Crawley offers fish and chips options that are on par with Alfie’s in Bournemouth. At Fat Boy’s joint, you’ll find a traditional fish and chips meal that is to die for, as well as many other menu items that will have your mouth watering. Also check out Lemongrass, which offers a more romantic atmosphere. Save your money by booking with one of these budget-friendly hotels in Crawley, and go spend it all on delicious meals and treats that will leave you feeling satisfied.

Hidden Gems in Salford

Salford is overflowing with hidden dining gems that often go unnoticed. One of these is called The Dockyard, a funky pub that attracts people of all ages. For a filling meal and a cold beer, you’ll want to check this place out. The best part about the Salford area is that it offers not only traditional English food, but also dining options from around the world. You’ll find a handful of Italian, Thai, Mediterranean, Portuguese, and French restaurants as you walk the streets. Book from one of these Salford hotels so that you can start your feasting immediately!

Don’t Break the Bank in Wembley

In Wembley, you won’t have to search long for good food, but you might have a tough time finding more affordable restaurants since it is located in a popular region of London. Here are a few budget-friendly options that will leave you full without breaking the bank. Check out Queensbury Deli, Gracelands Cafe, Allso Thai, or Ecco. All of these Wembley hotels are nearby to some amazing restaurants, cafes, and delis.