Why Introduce PRINCE2 to a Failing Project

There are many different options for dealing with a failing project. Some companies will throw resources at it while others will look for a completely new approach and others may cancel it altogether.

One of the smartest solutions in this case is to look at the project methodology being used. Could it be that you are using the wrong method to deal with this piece of work?

In many cases, switching to the PRINCE2 methodology could be the perfect solution to get things running smoothly again.

Get Everyone Working in the Same Way

Are you currently the wrong project methodology? There are a number of different approaches around and choosing the wrong one could prove to be disastrous for your project.

An even bigger problem is when people are all working in different ways. If there is no clearly defined methodology for this piece of work then it could end up with everyone doing tasks in whatever way that they think is best.

When you stick to one defined methodology this ensures that every member of the team works in the same way all the time. This can prove to be crucial when it comes to achieving results and avoiding problems.

It might even be that currently no-one even really knows about the existence of these varying methodologies. By getting PRINCE2 training arranged for your team you will allow them to more fully understand the lifecycle that each project needs to go through.

Spend Time Planning

One of the key aspects of PRINCE2 projects is that they involve a lot of careful planning. Of course, if the work has already been going on for some time then you might wonder whether it is best just trying to stagger without any clear plan.

Yet, the truth is that it is never too late to put a sensible plan in place. This can help get a failing project back on course just as it can set a new piece of work off on the right foot.

PRINCE2 is a methodology that encourages careful planning. This means that if you feel that your project is out of control then adopting this approach could be exactly what you need.

Once you see the effect of better planning you will want to make sure that it is done on all of your future projects. Naturally, there are other methodologies – such as Agile – for those situations in which it will be better to plan as you go rather than at the very beginning.

Increase Confidence Levels

A project that is going badly can have a huge negative effect on the confidence levels of the team running it. It is human nature for people to feel low in confidence when things are going poorly at work.

One of the best ways of dealing with this is by directly addressing the issues that are causing the problems. Are the team members struggling with planning, with juggling resources or with reach certain milestones?

There are many issues that could be causing their confidence to seep away day after day. Therefore, the sooner you address the matter and get the team working confidently the better it will be for everyone.

As soon as they begin to understand that there is now a solid framework for the project they should start to feel more positive. This will also ensure that everyone looks forward to future pieces of work more keenly too.

Bearing all of this in mind, the smartest way to get a failing project back on track is by adopting the right methodology. Thankfully, it is never too late to use PRINCE2 techniques to make life easier.