The Ways That PRINCE2 Can Help a New Company

Most established businesses have a project team in place. This is the team that is there to bring plans to life and make the company fit to face up to the future no matter what it holds.

However, what about the case of a brand new company. Is there any need for a business that has only got up and running to set up a project team as well?

Well, there are some excellent reasons for believing that this is the perfect moment to adopt the PRINCE2 methodology and to bring in the right people who can deal with this way of working.

Get the Processes and Systems Just Right

When you first start a new business there is every chance that the processes and systems aren’t quite right at the outset. Often, it will be a question of learning from experience and adapting the way of working to the feedback that is received.

Yet, this can often lead to awkward workarounds and manual processes until there is the chance to put things right at some point. A far better idea is to be ready to make any necessary changes as soon as they are spotted.

A good PRINCE2 project team will be able to quickly make any changes that are needed. In fact, if they are put in place in time then they should be able to carry out enough testing to get everything just right before the processes even go live.

Build Up a Multi-Skilled Team

Any new company can benefit greatly from having a good range of skills on board. This is something that allows them to react to any changes and to distribute varied work without needing a huge budget for resources.

One smart option is to get PRINCE2 foundation training courses organised for some of your business area experts. This means that they can help out on projects on a part-time basis as needed.

You may also decide to have some dedicated project team members too. However, in smaller companies this may not be necessary at the very beginning, provided that any project work is allocated smartly.

Don’t Get Caught By Surprise

Even the best prepared business can be caught out by changes in their industry. New legislation, emerging technology and tough new rivals are all issues that can crop up and cause havoc if you can’t deal with them effectively.

Having a solid project team ready to spring into action can make the question of unexpected problems appearing on the horizon much less of a worry. You will feel confident that your PRINCE2 experts will be able to handle anything that comes your way.

You can pass any new challenges onto them to look into. This will let you quickly understand the scope of adapting to them, together with the budget needed.

Don’t Stand Still

Anyone in charge a new business has to be aware of the danger of standing still for too long, even in their early days. The modern business world moves so quickly that there is the risk of being left behind before you even realise the danger.

The right projects at the right time can help the company to carry on growing. Clearly, the first part of this challenge is to choose the projects wisely. However, it is also vital to have the right people in place to carry them out wisely.

Using PRINCE2 as your chosen project methodology gives you the chance to establish the framework for the future. This will allow your team to carry out carefully planned and highly professional pieces of work every single time.