The Top Reasons for Switching to PRINCE2 Projects

Choosing the best way to run projects can seem like a tough task. With so many differing methodologies around it can seem as though picking just one is almost impossible.

Having said that, there are definitely some powerful reasons for making the switch to PRINCE2 projects from now on. This way of working has proven to be highly effective for many businesses all over the world since it was released in the mid-1990s.

The following are a few of the main benefits to bear in mind when considering making the move to PRINCE2 projects.

To Get Better Planning

One of the main factors that lead to projects going wrong is poor planning. If a piece of work isn’t planned well in advance then the chances of it succeeding are going to be far lower.

The good news is that planning is a huge part of the overall PRINCE2 experience. While some other methodologies don’t place as much emphasis on the planning aspect, this way of working makes it a priority.

This means that you can look forward to new projects knowing that they will be well planned. What this results in is a far greater chance of them running smoothly.

To Easily Train Everyone

The issue of getting the project team fully trained on the new methodology can be a big worry when you are considering a change like this. After all, if they aren’t comfortable with what they need to do then they aren’t going to work to the highest level possible.

Fortunately, the PRINCE2 Course that is needed can be easily carried out by anyone. This is an easy methodology to pick up, meaning that even completely new team members can soon be contributing to the overall piece of work.

It is also worth noting the tremendous popularity of this way of working all over the world. The fact that so many people can work in this way means that bringing in experienced team members shouldn’t be too much of a hassle.

To Improve Communication

Communication can also be a big concern for project teams. A lack of communication can prove fatal to a project, even if the rest of the work is carried out to a relatively high standard.

This is another issue that is very important in PRINCE2. A lot of the focus is put on ensuring good, professional communication between the project team and everyone else who is connected to the work or has an interest in it.

If communication is currently a weak area in your organisation than moving over to PRINCE2 could be the best way of improving on it.

To Work Better in the Future

No matter what other reasons you have for moving to PRINCE2, the over-riding appeal should be the chance that it gives to work better in the future. A strong, flexible and highly organised project team allows you to rise to whatever challenges you meet.

The truth is that some companies lose faith in their projects because of poor results, budget over-runs and other avoidable problems. Simply by using PRINCE2 in the future they can make these things of the past.

Being able to look to the future knowing that you are in control is a massive advantage in any industry. This is something that becomes far easier when you have a reliable process in place for your upcoming projects.

Don’t let poor quality projects ruin your chances of moving your business in the right direction. By making the switch to the PRINCE2 way of working you can carry out these pieces of work confidently and smoothly.