Is Your Garage Stained and Spotty? It’s Epoxy Time

Are you dealing with an Ocala home garage that could use some improvement? You’re not alone. Lots of homes have garages that, with use, have somewhat deteriorated with time, wear and tear. It’s a common condition; cement starts to crack with weight, car engines leak, and foot traffic as well as tires leave marks as well over time. All of those effects combined start to degrade the look of a garage and make people think twice about opening the big bay door to let the world peek in.

Why Epoxy Flooring Makes Sense in Ocala

First off, a garage floor needs to last a long time. A home is expected to last for decades, and a garage makes up the biggest footprint of the structure, especially if it is attached. So, the floor needs to be able to withstand the same amount of time as well. Have you ever been in an old city and noticed the stone pathways? Stone is harder than cement, yet centuries of walking on it have created shapes, divots, channels, cracks and more. So, it stands to reason that bare cement over time is going to get damaged too. Concrete epoxy flooring in Ocala helps create a protective barrier above the cement, so the impact of traffic doesn’t affect the integrity of the cement itself.

Cement is porous and acts like a sponge. And ongoing water penetration is never a good thing for stone or artificial bonded stone that makes up cement. In fact, water with temperature can literally crack and break mountains apart, including granite. So, having a protection barrier that keeps water and oils from penetrating cement in the first place is damage avoidance over time.

A finished garage floor adds to a home’s value as well. If there’s a possibility of putting a home on the market in a few years, epoxy flooring for the garage and finishing it for a better look could pay back dividends in a related home sale.

Additionally, epoxy flooring near me is incredibly easy to keep clean. Spills are wiped up, dust can be swept or washed off, and grit doesn’t build up on the surface or in the cracks. The same can’t be said for a bare cement floor.

Avoid Problems, Go Professional

If there is a major problem area with epoxy flooring treatments, it would be with kits for do-it-yourself projects. In Ocala and elsewhere, these kits can be found at hardware stores all over. That said, it doesn’t mean they work well. Most of the mistakes are associated with the preparation before the kit is applied, and then the ways things can go wrong by mixing the epoxy incorrectly. It takes time and expertise to get things right, something a homeowner with a DIY kit doesn’t usually go through.

Save yourself a big headache and have epoxy flooring treatment in a garage applied by a professional team. It saves money, avoid big messes and disasters that have to be cleaned up and redone, and the results come out far better and last longer. Epoxy flooring can be a great way to improve an Ocala garage, but make sure the installation is handled by experience versus a hardware store guessing game. You will thank yourself later for making the right decision.