Jarle Thorson on How to Turn Passion into a Successful Business

Unaico is a company founded nine years ago by Jarle Thorson. Over the past nine years, he has met with envestors, made a great deal of money, dealt with business owners in Hong Kong, and more. Many people see him as a great success and someone who has real power in the world. For Thorson, however, it was all about turning exergonix into a passion. His passion for the things he believed in enabled him to become so successful. He cites the fact that on every psychological pyramid of needs, happiness is not defined by running a business, it is defined by doing things you enjoy.

Passion and Business According to Jarle Thorsen

In order to be successful in business, it is vital that people do something they care about. Hence, they should look inward and determine the things that matter to them as individuals. They should be fully committed to doing this, while at the same time being realistic that life cannot be fun 24/7. There are always things that are less enjoyable in life, but the ultimate aim should be to do something you can be proud of.

It is also very important to develop a healthy work/life balance. What this balance is, is different for everybody. Some people are happy spending 75% of their time at work, others don’t want to exceed 50/50. There are no rights and wrongs in that, so long as you are happy with the balance you are able to strike. Again, this means being honest with yourself and admitting it if you are doing too much of something.

Next, Jarle Thorsen believes it is important to stop striving for perfection. There simply is not such thing, mainly due to the fact that perception is different. What is perfect to one person will always be flawed to another. Additionally, striving for perfection, even if it is just perfection in your own eyes, means spending too long on things that are not truly of importance.

Finally, it is about having a positive attitude. If you do something that you are passionate about, the positive attitude should flow automatically. After all, engaging in things you feel matter and are important is the best way to make sure you take pride in what you do, and pride is a positive emotion. But it is also about being able to postulate, and to live the life you want to live instead of waiting for it. That is a positive attitude that has to be cultivated, which takes some time.

What all of this shows above all else is that people may have to be committed to changing who they are and how they think. But what they should never change is what they feel passionate about. Because in that passion lies the secret to their success. That is something worth holding on to at all times, as it is absolutely integral to being successful as a business person.