Kick Off Your Summer Promotional Campaign Right!

Canadian businesses, like virtually every company that’s ever graced the planet, require proper brand promotion in order to ensure that customers become aware – and stay aware – of their product or service. This is especially true if your business is located in a large, major city like Toronto or Calgary, because there are many other companies competing for your customers’ attention. Having a unique marketing campaign, therefore, gives you the competitive edge,and will improve your chances of getting noticed this summer.

One way to boost your business’ exposure is through promotional clothing, technical gadgets, and other branded items. Often such items are relatively inexpensive and can create a great deal of interest when worn or displayed during major events, like sports games, or at major summer spots, like the beach. Promotional products help by making your business appear more accessible, more ubiquitous and therefore something that people will want to patronize, whether it’s because they want to partake in its ubiquity or because they feel a sense of trust due to its accessibility.

In big cities like Toronto, this is pretty much a necessity, as promotional products in Toronto help by, rather inexpensively, making your business more visible in a market saturated with choice. When members of the public repeatedly see your company name on a cell phone cover or a t-shirt, regardless of your company’s true size, you seem big. If those items include a catchy slogan or a unique symbol, your company is more likely to be remembered, increasing the chance that people will readily identify and perhaps frequent your business. 

Toronto businesses in particular benefit from proper brand promotion because it’s an international city, and people who visit from abroad aren’t yet influenced by, say, commercials or other traditional “big” advertising techniques. By reaching out to them, and then by providing what they want in Toronto, you are passively creating a new market in another location. Once you’re able to open that new store in a different city, your brand may not need as much marketing since word-of-mouth recommendations from visitors to your Toronto store can do some of that for you.

Another benefit of promotional clothing is that it helps with brand association. Employees wearing company T-shirts at a local charity event, for instance, lets those in the community know that your company is associated with positive causes. This sort of corporate responsibility stance is becoming increasingly important and such visibility can help attract customers interested in supporting businesses that care about the environment, fighting hunger, etc.

Lastly, because promotional branding can be relatively inexpensive, a small amount of money can have a major impact when used wisely. In this regard, it’s good practice to try and ensure that your promotional clothing be worn at high-profile events to maximize exposure. For less than the cost of a TV ad or a billboard you can potentially have just as strong of a branding effect. This may be especially advantageous for start-ups who may lack large advertising budgets but who still need to promote their businesses.