What Options Are There For Quitting Smoking?

As we enter the new year, there will no doubt be many of you who are looking to make improvements to you lives, this could be losing weight, getting that new job or for some, quitting smoking. My buddy Steve Buzzi and myself quit together last year and to be honest, I had no ideas previously about just how many helpful tools there are to help you quit for good. Smoking has pretty much no benefits whatsoever and so it really does make sense to knock this habit on the head. If you are looking to start the new year smoke-free, here are the choices available to you.

Cold Turkey

If you feel that you are strong enough to quit smoking without an aid, then this is always going to be the best route for you, and many statistics suggest that it is also the most successful. This is the best option if you don’t smoke a great deal, perhaps up to 5 per day. If you smoke more than this amount, it makes much more sense to use an aid.


Sold by the brand Champix, this medication is how I finally managed to kick the habit and it has a very high success rate. This chemical works to train your brain to be disgusted by the taste and smell of smoking and it is amazing how much it changes the enjoyment of a cigarette. Basically you will take the tablets whilst smoking for around 2 weeks, and then stop. You continue to take the tablets for 2 and a half more months until you cease taking them, and enjoy your smoke-free life.


Patches are one of the most common ways to quit smoking and they help you to gradually wean your body off nicotine. Similar to varenicline, you will use these patches for 3 months, although you should stop when you begin the treatment process. Starting with a high dose of nicotine, the patches slowly release the chemical into your blood stream, each month you reduce the dosage until your body is completely free from the addictive chemical. The patches can at times itch a little but generally speaking there are no real side effects which you should worry about.

Other Aids

There are some other aids available either to help you quite or to use in line with the other aids, as a support for you. You can buy chewing gum which gives you a small amount of nicotine as you chew, and also help to keep your mouth occupied. You can also buy lozenges to help you quit or alternatively you could look at vaping with an electronic cigarette. Vaping gives you nicotine but without the harmful substances that a cigarette contains. Make sure that if you do decide to vape, that you see it as a way to help you quit smoking, rather than a permanent substitute.