What Skills do Good Leaders Have?

Since the start of time there has always been two types of people, a follower and a leader.  Whether it’s the head of the house or a boss in the workplace when it comes to being a leader you need a certain set of skills to succeed.  A lot of these skills tend to come natural to a lot of people, however if not you do not need to worry as they can be picked up along the way too.  Below I have included some skills that are essential for any form of leader.


When it comes to leadership a key skill you need to be able to master is communication.  Without communication you will really struggle to address your employees and can have a negative effect on yourself in a working environment.  There are many forms of communication that you will need to master, whether it is a presentation, conversing over the phone or in one to one meetings.  You can never forget online communication with social media and email being the norm now with day to day life.  Communication also works both ways, it’s great if you can give it out but if you can’t listen you are back at stage one.  Listening is so important as your employees need to have the confidence to approach you with any queries or issues they may be having.


Positivity in the workplace is a must, if morale within your team is low it is really going to affect achieving targets and production rates.  Employees will look to you for positivity when the stresses of the workplace are starting to get on top of everyone, so if you have a negative demeanour it will spread like wildfire throughout.  You are not going to be happy at work all of the time, we all know that but you need to make sure that you leave your problems and issues at the door and remain positive whenever you can.


Inspiration works in well with positivity, like positivity your employees or colleagues will always look to you for inspiration when times are tough.  You need to have the skill to inspire everyone else at work, inspiring others will help in all areas.  It can help with performance, morale, confidence and will bring you the respect you need as a leader.  This also links in with being able to be inspired by others, others who have succeeded within you area and this can help inspire you to taking the next step in your career.  Take someone like Marc Leder for example,  Leder is currently the Co-Chief Executive of Sun Capital Partners.  Co-founding the company in 1995 as a managing director Leder has used all the skills acquired from his Bachelor of Science degree in Economics to make his was to the top.  Leder has been overseeing business operations now for over 25 years.

Believing in Yourself

Being a leader involves a lot of self-recognition and confidence.  If you do not believe in yourself than trust me nobody else will and without that your leadership skills will mean nothing.  Use your skills to the best of your ability and believe in every little thing that you do and the opportunities will be endless.