Slot Games with the high RTP

If there’s one thing that all slot players will be interested in, it’s the RTP of any game they might want to play. RTP stands for ‘return to player’ and it essentially lets players know what the percentage chances are for them to win back their money. The high the RTP, the more chance there is of winning (although, of course, this is not guaranteed). So, if you were playing a game with an RTP of 98% and you paid in £100, theoretically, you would get £98 back. Theoretically being the most important word, of course because if this was something that happened every time, no one would be interested in playing. 

It stands to reason that most people are going to want to deposit and play slots that have high RTPs. In that case, here are some of the best ones for you to enjoy if that’s what you’re looking for.

Ugga Bugga

Ugga Bugga by Playtech may have a strange name, but it also boasts an RTP of 99.07% which means that playing this is no hardship. The theme is a jungle based one, but it’s a little confusing mixing tropical fruits with tribal masks and even bongo drums. It’s busy and not so pretty to look at, but with an RTP like that, who really cares? 

The game is played with 10 rows and three reels, and they spin separately in two groups. There are many bonus features (on the wild) and no bonus games, but if you want to try something that is going to give you a winning thrill, this could be it. 

Rainbow Riches Pick ‘n’ Mix

Everyone has heard of Rainbow Riches, and it might not have made it to your radar because of its RTP, but more because of the amazing jackpots it can offer. However, the Pick ‘n’ mix version of this famous Barcrest game actually has an RTP of up to 98%. 

Of course, note the ‘up to’ phrasing here. You can only actually trigger this particular RTP by playing the ‘Big Bet’ element of the game, and that’s not something everyone will be comfortable with. Bear in mind, though, that even though you are paying in more, the RTP gets better, so you won’t – theoretically – lose as much as if you were paying in less… it’s this possibly confusing logic that makes this game so much fun.

Mega Joker

There’s no beating around the bush here; NetEnt have come up with a fabulous game in the guise of Mega Joker and it’s 99% RTP. The beauty of Mega Joker is that it looks like a classic fruit machine that everyone loves and that brings out some feelings of nostalgia to boot. 

This game came out in 2013, and has never really waned in popularity. The game play is great, the look and style is fun, and the RTP is as good as it’s going to get. Of course you’re going to want to play this game.