The Best Travel Destinations for 2022

Experts are predicting that this year will be busier than ever for travel both domestically and globally. If you’re ready to start exploring again, how can you decide where to go?

It’s true that past years have made it difficult for people to get out and travel. With opportunities opening up again, everyone is ready to take a vacation.

Don’t follow the crowd or just revisit the same boring locations. We’ve got the best travel destinations of 2022 that will inspire you to start packing today.

United States National Parks

If you want to really get outside, you can’t beat American national parks. There are more than 60 of them across the United States so you have plenty to pick from.

These parks are perfect for those who have been cooped up and want to get some fresh air and sunshine. They’re incredibly picturesque so you can fill your social media timeline with photos to make your friends jealous.

Best Domestic Beaches

For a more leisurely outdoor vacation, America has plenty of beautiful beaches to relax on. Hawaii continues to be a popular destination, but places like Miami and Naples are piquing travelers’ interest as well.

One way to enjoy these gorgeous locales is to indulge in a resort experience. Check out the HGVC resorts available on both coasts to find the perfect summer vacation destination.

Best of Europe

Travelers have always crossed the ocean to visit the many beautiful countries Europe has to offer. While Paris, Rome, and Barcelona will always be there, how about finding a hidden treasure to stay away from the crowd?

Check out the gorgeous Amalfi Coast in Italy or discover a foodie’s paradise in Dijon, France. Visit the northern region of Spain to see where their delicious wine is made and enjoy the laid-back vibe in Portugal.

Asian Destinations

When it comes to places to visit before you die, Asia is full of incredible vistas and amazing cultural and historical sites. Go big on your vacation and take some time exploring areas of Asia.

Bali in Indonesia truly has everything a traveler is looking for. Learn about their rich cultural heritage, their fascinating history, stay active by hiking or surfing or relax at a wellness retreat or on the beach.

Korean fashion and music has exploded in popularity in recent years. Don’t just stick to Seoul, travel up and down the peninsula to get a real idea of the culture.

Japan is also opening back up after a long time of travel restrictions. That could mean lower prices for international travelers looking to visit.

2022’s Best Travel Destinations

We know this list of travel destinations has you checking out plane tickets and packing your bags right now. Whether you visit just one place or all of them on the list, you can’t lose.

What’s best about these places is that each one offers something for everybody. If you want to learn, stay active, or recharge, you can find the perfect vacation for you.

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