The Best Types of Oils to Use in Soap Making

With today’s public becoming more and more health conscious, there is a push for choosing products where the ingredients are natural and safe. One area where this is becoming a trend is in the bath and body industry. Today you can make your very own soap filled with the oils you want to use and healthy good-for-you ingredients. Places such as Elements Bath & Body stock all the necessary items you need to get started on making your own customized soap.

Olive oil is one of The Best Types of Oils to Use in Soap Making

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If this sounds right up your alley then you will want to consider adding these oils, each of which holds their own unique benefits.

Coconut Oil

When you are searching for that perfect oil base for your soap, coconut oil is one of the best options to pick. This oil is universal in that anyone can benefit from using it regardless of age. Some of the benefits of coconut oil are that it creates a good lather, it hardens well so the soap bar retains its shape, and if you add a superfat to the mixture it can be incredibly moisturizing.

Olive Oil

This is another wonderful base oil to use. Olive oil offers conditioning properties that will turn your skin baby soft. It is recommended that you use about 40-60% olive oil in your recipe. Another great feature in using olive oil is that it’s very easy to find. Just be sure you are using a high-quality one so you’re getting the full intended benefits.

Shea Butter

If you’re the type that likes to get a really good lather going with your soap, then opt for shea butter. This one will lather up nice plus offer moisturizing benefits to the skin. It’s a great all-around oil to use and again it’s very easy to find.

Add in Essentials Oils

Now that you’ve got some ideas for the base oil, why not take your soap to the next level and add some essential oils to the recipe. You can pick oils that match your own needs and likes. Of course it also gives the soap a wonderful aroma that will linger on your skin.

When picking the essential oils to use you will want to make sure they are safe as a topical oil. Some aren’t so this is a very important step. As well look for bottles that have the words “therapeutic grade” or “pure essential oils” on them. These are much higher in quality and they aren’t diluted. This means you’ll go through less of them.

Some popular choices include lavender, which has calming and relaxing properties and also blends well with other oils; tea tree oil which is ideal if you suffer from any sort of skin problems such as acne; and Listea which has a distinct fresh lemon smell to it making it refreshing and revitalizing.

Get Creative

When it comes down to it, making your own soap is meant to be a creative and fun process with results that will pamper your skin!