Which betting system can make you a guaranteed winner?

Which betting system can make you a guaranteed winner?

Many players aim to get rich quickly using sports betting and they end up burning through their betting budget in a matter of days. However, there’s a betting system that can guarantee you win every time, it just requires patience and meticulousness. Your wins won’t be outrageously high, but they’ll come every time. The trick is to use various betting sites and play them against each other. That way, you’ll always be guaranteed to win smaller amounts, which can accumulate greatly over time. If you can make a strict betting plan, and manage not to be greedy and expect miracles, matched betting is something worth considering.

The basics of Matched Betting

This system uses the fact that various betting sites often offer free bets to new players. In order to determine how to place one’s bets – oddsdigger.com can be a helpful tool because it lists all the promotional bets that various providers offer and they update it in real time. This article will use the simplest terms possible to explain matched betting to anyone interested.

First, you choose an event to bet on, and then you cover all possible outcomes of that event. Let’s simplify and say you’re betting on a football match, which is being played between Team A and Team B. The outcomes that are possible is that A wins or that they don’t win (B won or there was a draw). You place one £10 bet on an online betting platform that you’ve found at http://oddsdigger.com/ with a quota of 2.1 on Team A to win. They offer you £20 free bet after you place a bet with your own money. This is the reason why you chose this betting site. If Team A wins you’ll make £21, so your profit will be £11, but what if they don’t?

In order to eliminate the risk, you’ll again use the platform to find a second betting site that offers you to bet on Team A not winning. This type of bet is called a back bet, and it’s not available with all betting sites, so check for the ones that allow it. Choose events that offer similar quotas on both of the outcomes in question. The hypothetical quota for team A not winning is 1.9 so you place £10 on that outcome. Let’s calculate what happens if Team B wins.

You’ve won £19 so this means you’re actually £1 at loss, because you’ve previously placed two £10 bets.

Here’s where the trick is explained. You did all your previous steps in order to qualify for the £20 free bet at the betting provider. So next time you bet on a different match between teams C and D using the same method of covering every outcome, you’re winning no matter what, because only one bet will use your money, the other bet will use £20 that the website gave you. This method is foolproof, but you just need to stay organised.