Top 3 Pieces of Scooter Riding Gear for City Riding

Riding a scooter through city traffic is not for the faint-hearted! No matter the size of the city or the volume of the traffic, you want to make sure your gear protects you from the elements, conditions and accidents. Browsing for scooter gear can sometimes be overwhelming due to the great variety of brands, products, features and prices. Here’s a brief rundown of the top three pieces of city riding gear to help you out. And don’t worry, just as you can find motorcycle aftermarket parts on sale throughout the year, you can also find scooter riding gear on sale.

1. Helmet

When you’re looking for the best scooter riding gear, start with a helmet. Keeping your noggin protected from traffic-related spills and thrills is key to a positive riding experience. When it comes to finding the helmet or lid that’s best for you, retailers often provide buying guides on their websites. For city riding, you want a helmet that gives you protection, visibility and ventilation. From Alpinestars to Bell and Shoei, manufacturers produce helmets that are tough, aerodynamic and full of value-added options for your comfort and protection. These options include emergency release systems, no-fog face shields, removable visors and custom-fit padding.

2. Jacket

If you commute to work on your scooter, you likely wear your jacket into the office or workplace. Today’s scooter jackets offer you protection and style for an urban setting. Brands such as Fly Racing, Joe Rocket and Speed and Strength carry a wide range of jackets constructed of tough, breathable materials, including perforated leather and mesh. With their clean lines and form-fitting torsos and sleeves, these jackets keep you looking stylish when you’re on and off your scooter. When you’re shopping for a jacket, look out for details such as microfiber lining, locking zippers, storage pockets and reflective trim. These features can help you pick out the best jacket for your riding style and needs.

3. Rain Suit

There’s nothing worse than getting soaked while out and about on your scooter! Sitting in soggy clothes can literally dampen your riding enthusiasm. Whether the culprit is heavy fog, a torrential downpour or bottomless puddles, a rain suit is a great and wise investment. Waterproof shells, microfiber linings, elasticized wrists and cuffs, and full-length zippers with Velcro flaps are just some of the features that keep you comfortable and protected. Well-known brands, including Frogg Toggs, Joe Rocket and Nelson, offer rain suits for men and women in a variety of styles, sizes, colors and prices. In short, when you’re browsing for a rain suit, you want a waterproof, breathable option that’s easy to tote and pull on at a moment’s notice.

As this list shows, there’s a lot to think about when seeking your scooter helmet, jacket and rain suit. Visit retailers’ websites and blogs for products, specifications, and customer reviews and ratings. You’ll not only find an incredible inventory of scooter gear and accessories but also motorcycle aftermarket parts on sale and some of the best women’s dirtbike riding gear on today’s market. Happy shopping!