Unconventional Ways To Make Traveling Easier

Photo by CC user Fdecomite on Flickr.

Many of us would love to travel more, but when it comes time to plan a trip, we find that there are a lot of obstacles in the way. Trips are expensive, and you need to take time off of work in order to go, not to mention coordinate things with your family, and maybe even find someone to watch your pets. While traveling is a great experience, it is not always easy to accomplish. If you have been wanting to travel more, but are finding it difficult to get away, below are some unconventional ways to make this goal a little easier to obtain.

Quit Your Job

Let’s start off with a drastic one – quit your job. When you have to go into work every day, you certainly don’t have time to travel. Free up your schedule by leaving your job, and then you can be on your way to seeing the world. Now, obviously, this is not a smart decision for everyone. Most of us need jobs to provide for ourselves and our families, and quitting would be irresponsible. However, if you have been contemplating a career change, and have enough money to travel and get by without a job for a little while, now may be the perfect time to quit. Quitting your job is a risky move, but it will certainly give you more time to travel if that’s what you’re after.

Sell Your Stuff

Another bold move would be to sell your possessions in order to fund your travels. This doesn’t have to mean selling all of your furniture in order to travel the world for a year – although it can – but more along the lines of seeing what junk you have around your home, and which pieces you’d be willing to part with. Chances are there are some things lying around that you no longer need or use, and will be able to get you some spending cash in return. Garage sales are great for unloading unwanted items, or you can post ads online to attract more buyers.

House Sitter

One of the biggest obstacles people face when wanting to travel is that finding a place to stay is not cheap. Staying in a hotel every night can become expensive if you are there for more than a few days, and some people don’t like the community aspect of a hostel. Because of this, there has been a rise in the number of people who rent out their homes or spare bedrooms to travelers through sites like AirBNB.

If you want the comforts of a home, but don’t want to pay for it, you should look into being a house sitter. Other people around the world are traveling as well, and they need people to watch their pets and plants while they are away. In exchange, you can stay in their home for free. It’s a great setup if you can find a gig, and makes affording travel much easier. For house sitting opportunities, try this website.

Learn To Fly

Lastly, you don’t have to be limited to the flights offered through major airlines. Why not go anywhere you want by learning to fly? If you want true freedom to be able to go anywhere, flying a plane is one of the best ways to do it. By taking flying lessons, you’ll learn how to operate a plane, how to find replacement parts through airplane part suppliers like A.E.R.O, how to communicate with other pilots, and how to make sure everyone arrives safely. Even if you don’t end up using your pilots license to travel, it is still a great skill to learn, and an unforgettable experience the first time you have complete control over a plane.

Think Outside The Box

Getting your life in order so that you can travel is sometimes difficult, but there are ways to make it easier. All you really need to do is find ways to free up your schedule, save up a little bit of money, and cut costs. There are plenty of ways to do each of these, if you are simply willing to be a little unconventional. Hopefully this article was able to spark your imagination, and before long you’ll be crossing off another item on your bucket list.