Top 7 Autumn Travel Destinations in Europe

Things to love about autumn are endless. From brightly colored leaves to crisp air, it’s the perfect time of year to enjoy the outdoors and explore new locations. Incredible European destinations can be swamped with tourists during the summer months, so the autumn months offer more than stunning fall foliage and cool weather. These months mean fewer crowds and more space to revel in the beauty of Europe. Check out these 7 travel destinations to visit in Europe this autumn.

 1. Lake Como, Italy

Stunning during any time of year, the fall season offers Lake Como lower humidity and crisper temperatures that make the area even more exquisite. Taste some of the most delicious wine and gelato while enjoying gorgeous views of the lake.

 2. Transylvania, Romania

In Romania, summers are scorching and winters are freezing, so autumn provides one of the best opportunities to visit. With hundreds of medieval castles and churches rich in history and legend, there are so many incredible sights to experience in Transylvania.

 3. Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

Plitvice Lakes is a chain of 16 lakes connected by a series of waterfalls and filled with bright blue water. Visiting in the autumn allows you to enjoy the fall foliage and it also means you’ll likely miss the summer heat, though it can stay warm through the end of November.

 4. Perthshire, Scotland

If you make it to Perthshire in the height of autumn, you’ll get to experience incredibly colored trees reflecting off of the lochs that adorn the area. You’ll definitely want to explore the hillsides near Lock Tummel, the Pass of Killiecrankie and Knock Hill. Be sure to bundle up before you go though!

 5. Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv is a lively city filled with historical landmarks. It’s so easy to ride a bike around the city, which makes taking in the sites even more enjoyable. Take a guided tour of Tel Aviv, and finish out the day relaxing on the beach!

 6. Bruges, Belgium

This already stunning city is even better in the autumn, with golden and crimson hues reflecting in the canals. The medieval city of Bruges will be home to plenty of open-air markets during this time year—the perfect way to enjoy a warm chocolate beverage as you explore.

 7. Lugano, Switzerland

Lugano is located at the south of Switzerland, bordering Italy. The summer season can bring with it sweltering heat, so autumn is fantastic for enjoying these picturesque views without being miserably hot. With breathtaking views of the Alps, you’ll be eager to spend your days outdoors.

A Final Note

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